Spas in Exotic Places Around the World

Are you having a hard time getting any rest? Need to take a mental vacation? Here are some locations that you can go to that promise to help you rest and regenerate that zest for life that you seem to have lost. These spas are some of the most luxurious in the world but come at a relatively affordable price tag. Located in countries around the world, they offer you a chance to experience a different culture while you unwind.

1. African Spas – Africa has long been known for its large variety of wildlife, beautiful beaches and exotic scenery. The spa scene is quickly becoming one of the biggest draws for people looking for some serious pampering while on vacation. North Island Spa, in the Seychelles, Singita, in South Africa, and Shaanti, in Kenya, all offer the most progressive spa treatments, facials, health food alternatives, and scenic views as part of their pampering package. Phantom Forest, and Cybele Forest Lodge, both in South Africa, offer a treetop luxury experience combined with an eco-tourism feel.

2. Asian Spas – Asia is known for its time-tested health therapies. Here are some great spas that will keep you coming back for more. Bali has the Nusa Dua Spa, the Bale, Bagus Jati, and the Aman Spa which offer asian fused therapy, exotic oil massages and aromatherapy, and herbal treatments. The Ritz Carlton Resort and Spa offers a unique Acquatonic pool/salt therapy and other saltwater therapies that are sure to have you returning for more.

3. Caribbean Spas – Thought of the caribbean inspire daydreams of long idyllic walks with the sand running between your toes as you walk listening to the waves lapping the shore. An ocean breeze drives your cares away and you feel light years younger. A spa can help push the stress into oblivion. Jackie’s on the Reef , with almost panoramic views of the ocean, the Spa Roundhill, and Mandara Spa are designed to do just that.

4. South American Spas – The Amazon forest, tropical birds and animals, and the anaconda snakes come to mind when we think of South America. Spas have found a way to incorporate these exotic experiences into spas that will enable you to experience the tropical paradise in a spa setting. Unique Garden offers eco-spas, mineral springs, and six-handed massages. The spa is surrounded by large varieties of rare and unique flowers, and great architecture. A real treat for the eyes and soul. Vista del Mundo, in Ecuador, offers a fruit wrap in an Egyptian sarcophagus and turbulent water therapy in a barrel. Soulshine Spa & Resort in Belize offers ancient Mayan bathing traditions, beautiful Mayan thatched spa rooms, and a Mayan clay facial.

Do you now feel the calling of the tropics? Why not indulge yourself with a treat to one of these spas to rediscover your soul?

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