Spiderman & Friends Computer Game Review

Spiderman & Friends Computer Game: Review of Story
In this computer game, heroes from Marvel comics, Spiderman, Cyclops, Spidergirl and more, help out. The super heroes walk and jump along a maze-like level of buildings, boxes and water. When they find the right answers they jump to pick them up or if needed use their special powers. The heroes continue along each level, picking up answers until they reach the exit.

Spiderman & Friends Computer Game: Review of Activities
The set up of this computer game is fairly straightforward. There’s a maze-like group of boxes, buildings, and other things to jump to and from on the way through the level. Circles hold the answers along the walkways. The player can switch to whichever hero is needed to get the answers. At times the player will need a certain hero’s power. For example, a player may need a blaster to get an answer in a box, a diver to get an answer in the water, a flyer to get an answer up high, or a hero with keys to special equipment.

Spiderman & Friends Computer Game: Review of Skills
This computer game consists of a math challenge, language challenge, general challenge and random challenge. Skills include number recognition, equations, lesser and more than, letter recognition, rhyming, spelling, shapes, and more.

Reason for Buying Spiderman & Friends Computer Game:
Kids may enjoy the familiar super heroes, and using the different powers as they move through the levels.

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