Start the New Year Off Right with Some Innovative Home Projects

In the warmer months it seems like there is always something to do around the house. Then the weather turns cooler and you’ve put everything away for the winter that is soon to come. The plants have been tended to, the hoses drained, and the lawnmower put away. Then the holidays are suddenly here with all of the hustle and bustle and preparation. Now, after all of the celebrations have ended, you can finally take a breather. This is all well and good for the first couple of weeks or so, but then things can get a little boring around the house. Here are a few small-to-large projects that you can do that might help you pass the time, depending on your energy level, of course:

I’ve never been much on spending a lot of money on new appliances. Maybe I’m just cheap, or maybe I inherited some kind of gene from my grandparents who had the same refrigerator for 30 years and an old console television set that was going on 20. The refrigerator was an old Westinghouse that needed defrosting every few weeks and a new door gasket every few years as well as a good cleaning. But that was about it. It did turn a little yellow over time and accumulated its share of scratches and nicks. It was finally repainted and retired to the basement. Now you can give your old kitchen appliances a fashionable facelift with a product that is made right here in St. Louis. Thomas’ Kitchen Art is actual liquid stainless steel that you can paint right onto your appliances. It comes in a kit for $129 that has enough product to refinish a stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher. You can check it out at

While we’re in the kitchen, how about redoing your countertop with some bamboo. It’s eco-friendly and much cheaper than a lot of the alternatives. It’s about $30 a square foot and can be seen at

Then, go to your local Lowes Home Center and pick up some neat thermoplastic backsplash strips that look just like hammered metal. They can be had for about $18 for a 24×18 sheet.

Here’s a cool little tip for the bathroom and it’s free if you have an old wine rack. Just roll up some of your best towels and insert them into the holes in the rack where the wine bottles used to go for a unique new look.

Remember those old slipcovers that were loose fitting and really made your already sad looking sofa look even worse? At least they were better than the plastic ones. At they actually have some slipcovers that can make any old sofa look bright, comfortable and new.

Now you’re ready to take one of those old picture frames that you have laying around in the attic down to your local hardware store and get a piece of mirror glass sized to fit it. Then you can step back, look at yourself in the mirror, and be proud that you’ve accomplished something in this otherwise boring month of January.

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