Stevia Product Review: Nu Naturals

Stevia is an excellent staple for the shelf of anyone interested in health foods. It is helpful for anyone concerned about the problems caused by sugar, such as candida, plaque, hypoglycemia and diabetes, mold overgrowth, and acne. Sugar inactivates the immune system, and creates an acidic state in the body. Health minded individuals are probably already avoiding artificial sweeteners, which are known to cause any number of diseases, from cancer to DNA damage. Many people will use fruit as a sweetener, but fruit digests in half an hour, and when it is combined with something like a protein, which takes 8 hours, it can cause the food to ferment in the gut. Stevia is the perfect sweetener to avoid all those pitfalls.

No side effects have been reported and it is used medicinally in Germany and Japan for 20 years because of its blood sugar lowering properties, and its effects on blood pressure.

Now, there are several brands of Stevia on the health food market, and I recommend Nu Naturals as one positive choice you can make in your life. Their clear, liquid stevia is 90 percent Stevia, with few added ingredients. If you must avoid alcohol completely, you may have to say no, but the amount in a few drops of Stevia is nominal. It does not have added dextrose as some brands do. It is also not too concentrated, thus avoiding the bitterness of using one drop too many of those brands. Nu Naturals costs 11 dollars at the health food store, and can be carried in a purse, or pocket conveniently to sweeten drinks in the coffee shop. It comes in very handy for cooking, smoothies, cereals, hot chocolate, chai, and pancakes. I heartily recommend this product, after using it constantly, myself, and cooking with it for finicky people over the years.

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