Stutter Step. Darkness

Stutter step. Back.

Sutter step back

all the way to the concrete time is lost

in the middle of the black. When the

rim is makin’ noise. Wakin’ up all the

people tryin’ to get some sleep. But not

wanting them to share the


It’s a very, very selfish world out there

and I don’t want anything to do with it

I only long for a part of it when the street

light serves as the sun and the darkness

serves as a medium for the essence of a game.

Being outside in the dark in the perfect weather

without the wind and the rain and the snow�.

But the summer. Not needing


Not wanting


but an orange ball and a goal. Living for

once like owls when the rest are all dead.

Dreams are true on the concrete when it’s

as dark as what drives past in the few street


But this is the street game

Played by only one and viewed many hands

cocking and flippin’ the pumpkin like a

motor that runs by the side of the

road. Legs workin’ in unison producing a

sound that will never break no matter where

you are.

A noise that only time can dictate and hope the

machine will better itself over time

with more use as the miles increase

so will the game; completely unlike the cars

going by but always looking back�

The outside world that you’ve invited in is

now watching the grace of the game; the game

you don’t want to the share the sounds are

different and the noises aren’t the same.

You wonder if the world is willing to let you

go; why you can’t completely bid it all adieu

like The Four Brothers are watching from behind

the shadows

As you can’t hide from your own

As the game takes you to the goal

But always looking into the darkness

That should hold


But still holds there


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