Successfully Accessing Jobs in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania

Accessing jobs in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania can be relatively easy or frustrating if a high school or college graduate does not get the best professional information and support. Many students are leaving schools this year (much like other years) and will need a job. Some will have their High School Diploma, College Degree or other Professional Equivalent Qualifications. In Philadelphia and Pennsylvania jobs are available, but some differences do apply.

In the Government (City or State) some jobs will require the successful applicant to be a resident of Philadelphia. That is, you will need to live or reside in the City to officially receive the job. This is a very important and serious requirement. You may have heard recently (this and last year) on the CBS3, NBC10 or FOX News Stations in Philadelphia of how some prominent City Staff Member from the Government Service had to resign when investigations revealed that they did nor live in the City at all. This, of course, is not the requirement (as much as I know) to work with Private Companies. So, you will need to decide to work the government or private sector. Much more details can be acquired from the City Officials or the State Civil Service Commission (Philadelphia Office). Some variations exist for Federal jobs at

What are some of the positive indications in accessing jobs in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania? Well I can say that information from the web site are very good and helpful. For example, you can receive comprehensive information on Pennsylvania Careers, Job Resources Links, Job Search and Networking, Job Sites and much more. The information you will receive are very, very good and not just a simple list. Then there is America’s Career Info Net at for additional great information. This site has “State Profile: Pennsylvania” quantitative statistical data and qualitative analytical resources. You will access, for example, Career Tools Resources like Employability Checkup, Licensed Occupations, Certification Finder, Employer Locator, Job Description Writer, Skills Profiler, Financial Aid Advisor, Scholarship Search, Career Research Library, Career Exploration, Reading Room, Resume Tutorial and others. In addition, at this site, you can browse and receive data on occupations with the most openings, fastest growing occupations, highest paying occupations, occupations with the largest employment and more. Again, this is a really good access resource web site.

Now some of the other more familiar and very useful resources can come from the following web sites:

There are hundreds, thousands and millions of Sites for information, but not all will give you a broad section of information and resources to successfully assist you in finding the most suitable acceptable job in which you can work and be pleased that you made the correct job selection decision. Some really good employers will even call you instead of you “running” after them. But that is the exception, not the norm! You can receive from the above mentioned web sites, especially from Career Info Net, information on very the technical or scientific jobs from Anesthesiologists to Physicians and Surgeons. There are jobs and information on other work from the lower skilled Cashiers/Retail Sales Person to Engineers, Nurses, Teachers, Accountants, Administrators and Customer Service Managers. Data on Employment Statistics, job Openings and Rank by State, and more, can be receive.

Of course, when working in Philadelphia, transportation is critically important. The South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) has a very good train, bus, shuttle and other forms of transportation for the public. Their services operate in the counties of Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Bucks and Montgomery. So if you choose to work for the private sector in Philadelphia and live in Bucks County, public transportation is available, until you decide on that special car. Housing and Social “after work” activities are available. A little research, advice and socializing will reveal the easy accessability of these resources. Good family or friends assistance in this case will be required.

So, accessing or finding a job in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania is possible. The stress of searching can be dramatically reduced if you go about you search with the right assistance, advice and attitude. Be wise and prudent and you will get the result or job you really want.

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