Summer: A Time for Parties, Family Time, And, as Always, Safety!

Summer: the kids are off school, the days are long, and everyone’s itching to get out and do fun things. Hiking, fishing, camping, picnics, and any number of other things are enjoyable, just by yourself, as a family, or with a whole group of your friends.

No matter what you’re doing though, safety should always come first, because no one wants to start of summer with an injury.
There’s so much to be done, but there’s always a general rule that applies, to everyone; Don’t rush into anything.
Good planning and safe thinking doesn’t take the fun out of your summer activities, but it can prevent an accident. So, before you leave your home, why not make sure that you have everything you need; which should always include:

1. A cell phone
[to call people in emergencies, and yes, this rule applies to adults as well as younger folks.

2. A first aid kit, fully equipt with pain relievers, disinfectants, allergy medications, a wrap for sprains, and of course, Bandages.

3. Sun Screen. Everyone wants that nice, tanned complexion, but remember; exposure to the sun, specifically too much exposure, can cause burning. So, lather up, even if you don’t intend to sun bathe.

4. Insect repellent. It smells bad, everyone knows, but it’s well worth it. Insects can cause, not only irritation, but rashes, allergic reactions, and even some serious diseases.

5. A map. You may never get lost. You may have the best sense of direction in the world. Carry the map anyway, alright? Just for safeties sake?

There are the five musts, why don’t we discuss some circumstance-type things. Let’s say you’re going for a hike.
Hiking can be a vigorous activity, so keep that in mind. If you, or someone else intending on going has heart trouble, back problems, asthma, or has other serious conditions, you may consider waking a short hike, or staying fairly close to the car.
No matter how physically fit you are, everyone should take it slow. Enjoy the scenery, talk to your companions, or whatever, but there’s no particular need to run up the mountain.

Staying with your group, too, is another important thing, for obvious reasons. Not only can you become lost if you wander off on your own; you could get hurt, you may even be stranded. If you are organizing a group hike, make sure there’s not so many people that you can’t keep an eye on all of them, and do so very carefully.

Biking, Roller-Skating [or in-line skating] and skateboarding are also popular summer activities, and very healthy activities. Of course, you always want to have the recommended safety equipment:

1.Helmet: Always. Head injuries are serious things, and you can die from one, so wear a helmet, please.

2. Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. These can prevent sprains and other problems. They may not look cool, but let’s be reasonable. Does it look cool to walk around with a cast on your wrist for the next six weeks?

3. Always make sure that the equipment is properly adjusted. If you’re wearing skates, make sure they fit; or if you’re riding a bike, make sure the seat and handle bars are adjusted for you. Do not settle for ‘Almost’, and I’ll give an example why.

One day, an unnamed couple decided to take their kids and some of their kids’ friends skiing. [I know, skiing is a winter sport, but the moral remains the same.] The ski’s were old and rusty, and a couple of sizes too large for a child, but they went ahead and did it.

One of the kids collided with some one else when his ski fell off, twisted his neck 180 degrees, which crushed several of his vertebrae. Needless to say, it was very painful.

So, when they say ‘well, it almost fits’ you say ‘No, it need’s to fit right.’

Swimming is another thing that’s nice to do in summer. It’s cool, it’s fun, and it’s a good opportunity to hang out and have fun. Boating, another sport related to water, is also included in these warnings.

When swimming in a public pool, always follow the direction of the lifeguard. He’s there for your protection, and that’s his job.
Here, especially, the sun screen is really a must. Water can magnify the sun’s power, and so even if you don’t usually tan or burn, you may while you’re in the pool. Make sure your Sun Screen has SPF 15 or more, and it’s water proof.

Another note: while boating, make sure that everyone going, adults, children, infants, has a life- jacket that fits properly, and make sure they wear it. Drowning is not a pleasant thing to do, so, be safe, rather than sorry.

One last note, in general about summer, and all you out there who are parents, listen up. With kids being out of school, there’s even more pressure to drink, and do drugs.

Don’t let your kids fall victim to drugs, binge drinking, or something else that may harm them.
If you are the young person, remember that people who drink and take drugs are not cool. They are not popular, and they are not happy. Drugs like marijuana, speed, and crystal meth, although causing several hours of enhanced euphoria, can also cause severe depression, loss of happiness, lethargy, and even death. Not to mention the physical aspects; which can include the rotting of teeth, loss of control over body functions, and skin legions.
If drugs are on the list of fun things to do at a party, don’t go.
If you know that the people putting on the party, or whatever the event is, don’t go.

So, with these warnings out of the way, get out there, have fun, and be safe!
Don’t forget the sun screen!

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