Sunless Tanning Booths

A sunless tanning booth is where a consumer receives an application of the color additive dihydroxyacetone or (DHA) in the form of a mist or spray. The purpose of this type of tanning booth is to give the person the appearance of a tan. The Food and Drug Administration actually authorizes the regulation of color additives, including their uses and restriction. If for some reason they do not allow a certain color additive to be used, that means it does not fit into their guidelines. The reason behind this is because some additives can actually alter the color. If you are planning on using a DHA spray or a sunless tanning booth you will want to take a few things into consideration first.

First are you protected from exposure in the entire are of the eyes, lips, and other parts of the body covered by mucous membrane? Also are you protected from internal exposure caused by inhaling or ingesting the product? These are defiantly questions that you will want to ask on your first visit to any salon that has these types of tanning booths.

If they inform you that you are not protected, or if they say that they are not sure whether or not you are protected from the unapproved us of this color additive. Most sunless tanning booths do offer you something to cover your eyes and or face during the procedure. If they do not offer one than you can certainly request one. The procedure itself is done by adding a specifically formulated DHA sugars, bronze blend and aloe and moisturizer to the spray and lightly misting or spraying it onto the skin.

Most sunless tanning booths will tell you that all the chemicals they use are safe, and not at all harmful to your skin. But you will definitely want to check with the Better Business Bureau prior to your first appointment. If they have any complaints on file about problems with the sunless tans, then you will definitely want to cancel your appointment. Also make sure you check with the FDA on what chemicals have been prov-en to be safe, and what is not. This way when you go to the tanning salon you will know what questions need to be asked.

Remember this is your skin, and you should be more than concerned what is being put on it. The same way you would protect your skin from the sun, you also want to make sure you are not applying anything that will harm it. The purpose of the sunless tanner is to give you a tanned look, not too hurt you. It also really depends on what type of place you go to, and what kind of sunless tanner you choose. If you do your research than you should not have any problems with the results.

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