Super Princess Peach Showcases a Real Damsel of Distinction

The life of a princess isn’t always an easy one. Nintendo’s Princess Peach, for instance, has found herself the victim of multiple kidnappings since her debut in the classic Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985. But her frequent nemesis, Bowser, has wised up and instead kidnapped her repeat rescuers, Mario and Luigi. Now it’s up to Peach to show she can go from pretty-in-pink to butt-kicking babe without missing a beat.

Super Princess Peach, debuting today exclusively for the popular Nintendo DS, sends the parasol-wielding heroine on a mission to rescue the Mario Bros. from the clutches of Bowser. But Peach finds herself mysteriously overwhelmed by strong emotional vibes as she approaches his castle on Vibe Island. Undaunted, she channels these vibes and uses them to defeat her enemies. She floats through the air when she’s happy, waters plants with her tears and catches on fire when she’s mad.

“Peach has never been a pushover, but this classically styled game really lets her put the hurt on her enemies,” says George Harrison, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. “Our damsel in distress has become a powerful leading lady.”

Players must use Peach’s newfound powers to help them navigate through eight different areas, where she fights bad guys, collects coins and rescues imprisoned Toads. The side-scrolling platform game will satisfy old-school purists, while everyone will enjoy watching Peach whack enemies with her parasol. Super Princess Peach turns the genre on its crown as only Nintendo can. Super Princess Peach is Rated E for Everyone.

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