Sushi Bars Are Popping Up All Over the USA

Sushi is typically an Asian treat. It’s made in the kitchens, served as a meal, an appetizer or even a snack in some Japanese homes. In China, it’s so common, you can buy it in open air markets in just about every corner of the country. However, in America, where sushi is held to strict standards and in most cases is cooked before being consumed, small places are beginning to offer sushi in areas that previously might not have even heard of it.

Now, normally, sushi is not cooked. In America, though, this is much different because of food and health regulations that require raw food not to be sold without strict warnings. Since eating raw food can lead to disease, illness and other complications, many sushi outlets will cook the sushi minimally to reduce these risks. Overseas in Asia, sushi is not cooked in any way, shape or form, and the risk is much higher which is quite a surprise since most people do not get sick when they consume it on such a regular basis. Even though this is the case, it’s not enough to relieve American tensions when it comes to uncooked fish.

Unless you make your own sushi fresh in your home, you will be eating cooked sushi, which sort of defeats the purpose of what true sushi is in essence. However, for the first time sushi eater, the thought of eating raw fish might be unappetizing to the common American man or woman. By cooking it, it gives them a sense of security, and they will be more likely to consume what’s before them. For a real sushi experience, making it raw in your home would be the easiest way. If you’re in the Far East and want to indulge in the delicacy, then, take the risk and you won’t be disappointed. Sushi is best made in Asia, its home in the world.

Sushi comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. Many types of fish are used, as well as different types of filling, though one universal feature is the use of rice either to pack the sushi together in a roll or as an appetizer. The rice is typically cooked before hand, so, you won’t be eating raw rice which sometimes sounds even more appetizing than raw fish to the eater. Garnishes might be used to spice things up and it’s all up to individual taste and touch to find the perfect combination for the sushi of your choice.

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