Take Time for Yourself by Balancing Your Different Schedules and Lives

All of us are busy.

We all have responsibilities in life that can not be procrastinated or delegated. They just need to be done.

Sometimes it feels like we are constantly “doing” 24/7. It’s nice to be busy, of course. That certainly beats the alternative. But we don’t need to be jammed into the mode of reckless overdrive where we are cramming our schedules with things to do just to fool ourselves into thinking we have purpose and meaning in our lives.

I speak of schedules and lives in the plural because we really do have separate schedules and lives. We have our professional work life. Our personal and social life. Our religious life and our creative life. And often, these individual “lives” remain somewhat separate and distinct. Not because we intend them to be that way. But just by their very nature, they tend to separate themselves that way.

Now, our professional lives don’t usually have problems in finding enough time to be spent upon them. We become enough of a slave or fanatic towards our occupations that plenty of time is allocated, if not wasted upon it.

It is the other areas of our lives that we really need to concern ourselves about. The parts in which we express the real “me”. The parts in which our personalities may come out to learn and grow and improve.

We actually need to consciously make time for our other “lives” to be lived. These are the lives wherein we make the greatest number of significant life altering choices. These are the lives in which we really become the best that we can become, because of our choices.

Take the time to live all of your lives. Take the time to discover who you really are and what you can become.
Make it a point to get to know YOU.

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