Taking a Vacation with Children: A How-to Guide

Vacation time is quickly approaching. You may be trying to decide where to go on vacation and how to juggle the kids while you are there. How do you vacation with children and still have a vacation for yourself? Decide what you want to do and what to do as a family. Pick somewhere you have never been before but have an interest in seeing. Research the area. Find a hotel close to a town. There’s a reason you want to be close to a city. First, you may want to be near a Wal-mart and secondly you may be able to find things the children would like to do. Find attractions you want to go to and make a list. List them in the order that you want to do or see them. If you run out of time or the kids get bored and want to do something else you won’t be too disappointed since you got to see some of the things you wanted to see. If you travel by car take games, dvd player and dvds, lots of drawing paper and pens, and ear plugs for hubby. If you fly you may want to devote a carry-on to some small items.

Packing- When vacationing with the children, remember to pack the items that will entertain the children until destination and while there. Pack appropriate clothing for your destinations and shoes for the occasions.

Go light on the packing. With your research you should have found a nearby Wal-mart for any small items you might have forgotten. Also for all the medicines for headaches, tummy aches, bug bites, sunburns, all the little things that could happen the store will be there.

Money- Don’t forget your credit card for the “just in case” emergencies with any vacation, especially taking children. If you are trying to stay in a budget get a prepaid credit card.

Things to do- While vacationing with your children, make sure you make a list of what is most important for you to see. Then allow time to let them do something to have fun.

Shopping and playgrounds- If you are taking your children on vacation you should have done your research and found nearby stores and playgrounds for the evenings or just for a day to rest. Remember, vacationing with your children may not be much of a vacation for you so keep the days easy and fun and have a day to do nothing, while the kids can go swim in the hotel pool you can relax.

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