Tax Accountants in Augusta, Georgia

There are few things in the world Americans avoid more than doing our taxes. Going to the dentist ranks right up there in the pain category, but at least a few of us have dental insurance which can at least help to ease the discomfort felt in our wallets. Not so the yearly tax time worship to the government.

While I have given serious thought to simply leaving the country and setting up residence in a tent on some deserted island, I have luckily found another route which still allows me the modern conveniences such as toilet paper and hot showers.
Here in Augusta, Georgia, the answer to my prayers has come in the form of a tax preparer. A person schooled in accounting and well versed in the knowledge of how to squeeze every extra cent back from the greedy government. And it only took me two strikes at the plate before I hit that home run.

My first foray into the vast, numbers driven world of accounting landed me at the door of McManus & Bone. Tax preparation, investment advice, financial planning, you name and these two could get it done. With decades of accounting experience under their belt, they were quick, concise, and if you want my honest opinion, likely had most of my return completed in their head before I even left the room. From their office at #6 George C. Wilson Court in Augusta, they offer all the modern conveniences including email notification of appointments and a copy of your completed return on CD. After accepting a card with their contact number (706-228-4081), I left with a stack of informative brochures and a promise to call with my decision.

Never one to select the first entr�©e offered on the menu, I had determined to meet with at least two other tax preparation specialists before making my final decision and handing over all my financial information, measly as it was.

The second destination on my personal tax journey was the office of Coursey Denning & Co, CPA. The office was very easy to find, located at 1231 Augusta West Parkway in Augusta, and as it turned out I didn’t need to contact them (706-863-3637) for directions, as I had previously believed. Top of the line office deco foretold of top of the line charges, and while I hold no doubt they are among the top tax preparers in Augusta, Georgia, meeting with an employee rather than an actual accountant was something of a turn off.

The final, and as it turned out, most appealing office I visited was that of Todd Matthews CPA. Mr. Matthew’s office did not boast gold gilt frames in the lobby or little monogrammed towels in the restroom. What it did boast however was the one on one attention that I had been looking for. Time was taken to go through all of my financial documents, and numerous questions were asked, many of which may result in a better return for yours truly this year. When I left the office at 3540 Wheeler Road in Augusta, I knew I had found my accountant. I’ve already passed out a handful of his cards (706-733-0416) to local friends, and have set up my next appointment for shortly after my yearly documents arrive.

As for now? It’s time to plan a trip to a tropical, but not so deserted island with all the money I’ll be saving.

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