Tax Preparing in Concord, NH

If you live in New Hampshire and are dreading the thought of doing your taxes either for yourself or for your business, relax. There are places in Concord, NH that can help relieve your stress and get you on the right track.

The chain H & R Block has many locations in Concord. The first one is: 22 Bridge St and the phone number is: (603) 225-0424. The second location is:40 Fort Eddy Rd and the number is: (603) 225-373. The third location is: 108 Fisherville Rd and the phone number is: (603) 225-4113. The fourth location is: 270 Loudon Rd and the number is (603) 224-9939. The last location in concord is also on Loudon Rd # 344 and the number for it is: (603) 225-8143

For those unfamiliar with H & R Block, they help during the weekends and evenings. They offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re looking to do your own taxes, consider using their online form that allows you to use E-file at no additional charge. You may even want to check out their website before going in to education yourself the basics. They also offer a income tax return course. The class runs for 11 weeks and claims it helps you find the most overlooked tax deductions.

For those looking for a non chain company to help with their taxes, check out the businesses below.

Sherman Weeks and Associations- (603) 228-1222 If you’re nervous about talking to the IRS, this company will work directly with them to negotiate and provide the best plan of action to resolve tax issues. They specialize in problems for those who have back taxes, non filed returns, liens, levies, errors from the IRS and audits. Online via their website which can be accessed @ : you can view examples of how they have helped others in the past. Also there’s a FAQ’s section.

Manson + Rich Professional Association located at 6 Bicentennial Sq in Concord, phone number: (603) 224-2000. This company helps with those who want to do their own taxes via their computer. They have experts who specialize in the tax software QuickBooks. They will work on tax issues for personal, business, estates and even on gifts. If you’re looking for advice on how to improve your personal, business or both financial situation, they offer services to ID what is holding you back and how to overcome obstacles. If you have some legal issues that need attending to, they have a service that works with attorneys and if needed can testify on pressing matters.

Either way whoever you decide to go with, please always remember to ask questions. Reading the fine black print is a must. If you’re unsure who to work with, you can always ask questions anonymously via calling the business. Don’t forget that some businesses when you’re on the phone making an appointment will want to know some of your personal information. Have it ready and with you before you make the call.

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