Teen Spa Trends

There is a new trend in day spa visits. Teens are heading to the spa in large numbers. There are even younger children, considered Tween being catered to as well. New spas are popping up catering to this younger crowd, and teens are finding their way into well established spas on a more regular basis.

One such spa, “Seedlings Salon” in Doylestown, Pennsylvania is following that trend by offering services to children and young adults. Seedlings Spa is offered in its parent setting of “Annodam Day Spa and Salon”. They offer dÃ?©cor that suits a younger client yet still offer a very full menu. This spa also offers special rooms and party packages.

“Tranquil Touch Day Spa” of Flemington, New Jersey understands the wants and needs of their younger clients. Prom specials are offered for make-up application, facials, nail services and more. Often this spa runs specials of mother and daughter specials or father and daughter specials. It’s a great way to bond with your teens, and enjoy a great day together.

“Wishes for Girls” in Concord, Massachusetts offers services to the younger client. There are many unique offerings on their menu, so be sure to check it out.

“Barton Creek Spa and Resort” in Austin, Texas also offers a special menu. This is a high-end spa, so expect the prices to match. Spa services for teens is one of the fastest growth spurts in the industry.

Spa services are becoming more and more common for the younger set. Some young clients go to spas for waxing and even massage. Athletes often come in before an event to warm up their muscles or after an event to help with sore muscles.

Facials are being targeted to help teens deal with aggravating and embarrassing acne problems. Both girls and boys find their way into spas for these treatments, though sometimes the boys are a little more uncomfortable at first, so choosing a slower time when it won’t be crowded is a bonus for the shy client.

More than ever teens are getting their eyebrows waxes and even bikini lines. What was once a more requested service with the adult crowd, teens are seeing how quick and easy an eyebrow wax can be. Clean lines in the summer time make a bikini wax a popular choice. Most clients under 18 must be accompanied by an adult for bikini requests.

The International Spa Association is finding a hot trend in mother daughter days at the spa. An estimated forty percent of mothers have taken a daughter with them for a spa visit. Teens are busy with heavy schedules of part-time jobs, schooling and after school activities such as music programs and sport activities. They feel stress just as adults do. Going to the spa is just another way to unwind.

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