The 12 Steps to a Successful Interview

There are twelve important steps to follow in preparing for an interview and having a successful interview that can make you stand out from the crowd and get the position you want.

1. Passion for Business – Haven’t you heard people say “Get a job doing something you love”, that is definitely true. If you have no real desire or interest in the position but are just looking to find work, it will show during the interview when the prospective employer ask why you are interested in working for us or in this particular position. Give specific examples of the reasons you enjoy the type of work. You can also offer personal experience that is related to the position.

2. Motivation and Purpose – This goes hand in hand with step number one. If you have passion for the business, you will have motivation and a purpose in the position and working for the company. Asking yourself why I want this interview, this will allow you to dig deep into the reason that causes your motivation and purpose. Make sure you don’t just repeat what’s in your resume. Sound interesting as if you have really thought about what is your motivation and purpose. Focus on what you want to accomplish.

3. Skills and Experience – Mention your key skills and experiences that are directly related to the position. Emphasize these points as much as possible. Describe skills in detail not in general. Minimize your weakness. In fact, don’t even mention any weaknesses solely focus on your strengths. However, don’t come across as overly confident or arrogant.

4. Professionalism – Give examples of your professional character. Focus on professional strengths such as being responsible, thorough, dependable, ability to communicate, detail oriented, and other professional characters.

5. Creativity and Leadership – Explain special skills that stand out and impress the potential employer. Explain how you encourage others, take advantage of situations, and develop good ideas.

6. Compatibility with Job – Discuss specific qualifications that are related to the position. Make sure your qualifications match with the job requirements and emphasize strengths

7. Personality and Cultural Compatibility – Fitting into an organization is an important factor to your success in that company. Make sure your personality fits with others that work there. You can find this out by asking the potential employer what type of environment does the company project. You can ask what type of customers or clients the company encounters.

8. Management Style and Interpersonal Skills – Focus on how well your skills are in this area instead of what type of work you do well. How do you interact with people and what type of leader would you be.

9. Problem-Solving Ability – Always provide proof of your ability to solve problems effectively. Are you practical? Do you seek assistance or figure things out on your own? Focus on how you make judgments and what led you to those judgments.

10. Accomplishments – Focus on goals and objectives that you have accomplished. Offer a number of examples – professional and personal. Don’t give long descriptions just focus on the goal or objective, the action you took, and the results.

11. Career goals and aspirations – Make sure you mention goals and aspirations that are directly related to what you can offer to the prospective employer and the position you are applying for. Don’t mention job titles or any unrealistic goals. Be sure to include the skills and strengths you have and want to further develop.

12. Personal Interests and Hobbies – Employers are looking to see if you have a balanced lifestyle and if your personality type matches the position and the company. They may also be interested in knowing if you will be able to work overtime or pick up extra work, if needed, or is your personal life very busy. Be sure to mention any community involvement or volunteer work.

Write a brief summary of your answers to all of the 12 steps this will help you provide a last sales pitch to the interview when the prospective employer ask at the end of the interview, “Is there anything else you will like to tell me?”

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