The American Bartending School in New York City

One of the most interesting and growing fields in the U.S. is bartending. The American Bartending School in New York City was one of the first bartending schools to open up in the United States. In fact it is the second oldest behind the first bartending school in Chicago.

The American Bartending School in New York City is located in the heart of Manhattan near Madison Square Garden. The course is only two weeks long and once you are done you will be fully prepared to enter a bar and become a bartender.

One of the great things about the American Bartending school is that it has a job department that helps you find a job once you complete the bartending course. In addition, they don’t even charge a service fee or finder’s fee for giving you the job. The American Bartending school has a wide range of staff members on hand that are able to train people as young as age 18 to age 75. Graduates of the school end up working at not only bars, but restaurants, country clubs, hotels, and dance clubs.

The American Bartending school has been around for 36 years and many owners of bars or hotels and resorts most likely took the American Bartending school course. In addition, while taking the course and after you complete it, the school grants you full access to its database of jobs and information about bartending for tips and advice.

The most popular class that all bartenders have to take is mixology which involves mixing drinks and knowing what to put in each drink when a customer gives the name of an alcoholic beverage. The mixology bartending class teaches you how to set up a bar for work and how to use the tools on hand, how to clean the station as well. Students learn over 100 alcoholic dirnks and how to make them. More complicated and advanced techniques that are taught is speed. When the bar is busy, the need for speed becomes critical and the school teaches you how to make several drinks at the same time.

Other topics include making tropic drinks and coctails, learning about liquor, wine and beer. Another important aspect is learning how to maximize profit in selling techniques for the bar and how much liquor to put in each person’s drink. There is a discussion on customer service and how to treat all customers, the nice and the rude drunk folks. Giving good service allows for bartenders to make more money on tips which are a big part of the income for a bartender.

Finally, a course which almost all states now require of all bartenders is an alcohol awareness course. Alcohol awareness teaches bartenders how much liquor a customer should receive and to serve alcohol with care and awareness. A person who is planning on driving home should not be given alcohol and bartenders have to be aware of a person getting alcohol poisoning from too much alcohol. Students will also be taught how to create a successful resume, how to answer interview questions successfully, and how to fill out a bartender application.

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