The Battle of the Sexes and What Men Want in a Woman

The battle of the sexes, will anyone ever understand what the opposite sex wantsâÂ?¦understanding and knowing are two different things. Both men and women are so different, yet so much alike but when you have the head’s up on what he’s looking for, part of the battle will be just a little easier.
Even relationship experts can’t pinpoint every facet of the needs or wants of the sexes but we’ve sorted through some of the complicated woes and here’s what you need to know about men!

What do men want?

Ã?·Even though it sounds superficial, all men want a hot chick. The kind that when she walks away to powder her nose, all of his buddies say, “WOW”âÂ?¦she’s hot! While some men want a woman who will wear sexy threadz and show off her assets, other’s tend to be territorial and even though they want her to be sexyâÂ?¦too much of a good thing could be overkill, especially for his heart. Nonetheless, they still want their buddies to drool!

Ã?·Rappers aren’t saying “Yeah” for nothing, the famous line “We want a lady in the street and a freak in da’ bed”, it’s true. Sex is extremely important to a man and while many women think that sex doesn’t mean anything to a man, it’s actually one of the most important emotional acts in a relationship where a man will give 120% to demonstrate his love.

Ã?·Men may not appreciate this partâÂ?¦but they want a mother figure. This is the kind of woman who is there for them night and day, she caters to his every need and most of all; she gives unconditional love. Society is still trying to move out of the June Cleaver era, we’ve made huge leaps but a man will always want a nurturing woman that they can depend on.

�·A man wants a woman who recognizes all of the things that he does for her. When he knows that she understands the sacrifices he makes to do well for her, it lets him know that they are on the same page and a woman who can stay on the same page with her man, will likely finish the book.

�·As odd as this one may be to understand, while most men have grown to love an independent womanâ�¦they still want a woman who genuinely needs their help on occasion. The damsel in distress routine is too much to stay on top of but a man likes to rescue his smart babe from time to time, rather than having someone who needs help all the time.

One of the biggest differences between a man and a woman are the different senses of stimulation, men are very visual and women tend to be stimulated more so on an emotional level. Which in essence means that the age old saying, “Women are to be seen and not heard” may hold more meaning in it than something offensive to women. Men agree that every woman is sexy is her own rite but it’s the woman with all the goods that carries a package good enough to make love last foreverâÂ?¦not just to look at.

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