The Best Books for Generating Church Signs

Most every church has a sign out front that states the days and times when service is held, and some of the signs also include room for witty sayings and divine words. If it’s your task to see to it that the sign gets changed every week, that can be a daunting challenge. You don’t have to worry anymore, though, since there are some great books that will help you with the task.

Some sign makers for the church choose humorous sayings, others choose inspirational words. No matter what your style, there’s a book for you. ‘Marquee Messages: Sentence Sermons for the Church Sign’, written by Shirley Jones Gamon is one such book. The writer offers 172 pages of one-sentence sermons, meant to draw attention to your sign, therefore, your church. Some of the suggestions have been seen too many times before, others are witty, thought-provoking and original.

‘Silent Words Loudly Spoken’, by David J. Claassen is another great reference book for church signs. Many of the sayings play off well-known sayings or phrases, such as “Our Church is Prayer Conditioned”, playing off the phrase “air conditioned”. The book offers hundreds of sentences, sayings, suggestions or just words that make you smile. You’ll find this book extremely helpful and will use it for a long time.

Dr. Verlyn D. Verbrugge wrote a book called ‘Your Church Sign’, which is much like the other books of its genre, but also offers tips on how to best place your sign, captions, themes, and other tips. The book features over a thousand sayings, in categories like Marriage and Family, Prayer, Going to Church, Seasonal Themes, The Bible, and more. This book is a must-have that offers techniques and advice, rather than just the sayings and quotes.

Care to borrow a saying from another church, somewhere across the country? ‘Life is Short, Pray Hard’, written by Mary Katherine Compton and David Compton is a collection of marquee and church sign quotes, sent in by people across America. Containing over 400 sayings, the book features quotes like “Satan subtracts and divides, God adds and multiplies”. Although the book doesn’t have quite the large selection that some books have, it does feature only the best of the best.

‘701 Sentence Sermons’, by L. James Harvey is exactly what it says – 701 one-sentence sermons for use on your church sign. The book is alright but does contain some corny or not-so-impressive quotes. At the same time, it also offers some new and different phrases that’ll definitely grab attention.

If you’re the one responsible for the weekly church sign, you’ve got your job cut out for you, unless you get a little help from a great book, like the ones listed here. Just one book will give you years of sayings for your church sign, though, and make your job so much easier.

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