The Bible: The Thing Not to Do Without

Books come and go in our day, but there is one that when mention brings upon doubt, apathy, and even hatred: that is the Bible. It has been torn to shreds by man’s fleeting knowledge; hated among the most vicious of men, yet it has remain true under scrutiny. The Bible is a product that I, as well as you, cannot live without. Let us proceed to the reasons.

First, it never grows old, despite its long and poignant life. When I first read it, I understood certain things ( the fall of man, the history of Israel, and the coming of Jesus Christ); but when I proceeded to follow through again, I found that certain verses jumped out at me and made me think of my life and what God truly expected of myself. This Book has a funny way of revealing new truths to you the more you decide to explore it. There is no product on earth that can do that.

Secondly, it reveals what I need. When you read, and hopefully you will, the Bible doesn’t give you the mundane advice that many of us are accustomed to. It tells us about God, His Son, and the Spirit that we need in us to live to the fullest. It also deals with Heaven and Hell; and despite many biases, the Bible tells you how to get to God through his Son Jesus Christ.

Lastly, its available at anytime and anywhere. You can read it at home, download on an MP3 player, or listen to it on CD. I like having it in book format as well as digital. There nothing I would change about it; for one cannot enhance perfection. A product like this has reached the globe; change the lives of millions, and still yearns to live on forever.

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