The City that Was, is and Will Always Be: Home

*Posted on on 9/9/2005

As we embark on the first full weekend of college football and in the NFL most of us find our minds wondering to other more important issues going on not only in the world, but in our own backyards. The biggest tragedy in US history possibly to date not only directly affected all of our lives, it hit home, literally. Some of us have lost homes, know those who have, and all of us will forever be changed due to this thrust of Mother Nature’s hand. Sometimes I think the hardest part of this whole ordeal is not having anyone to blame, anyone to hate. But I guess our focus shouldn’t be of hate, but of hope. The hope that they will rebuild our wonderful city. The hope it will come back better than ever. The hope that all of those who have left the city will find their way back once the dust has settled. The hope that our parents are those people and will be ok. The hope that we will be ok.

It’s hard to focus on football at this time, but then again it’s also hard not to. As it, and baseball did almost four years ago to the date, it provides an escape. An escape we all need, maybe more than ever. Over the past few weeks we’ve heard the horror stories. In the worst of times comes the best of man. That’s what we’re told. For the city of New Orleans, and those in Mississippi and Alabama that statement never needed to be more true. So I ask that you watch the games on Saturday and Sunday not with guilt, but with resolve. Resolve that all will work itself out in the end.

The Saints marketing campaign slogan for this year is “You Gotta Have Faith.” How prophetic a slogan. The city has never needed to have faith more than it does now, but now for a much bigger reason than just in the black and gold. Faith in another Jazz Fest, another Mardi Gras, another New Year’s Eve in the Quarter, another Saints’ game in the Dome. Faith in a sense of normalcy in life, a place to call home again.

I hope this finds you all well, and wish you and yours the very best through these difficult times. We will rebuild that great city that was, is, and will always be home�..better than ever.

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