The Dallas Derby Devils

I remember when I was a kid watching roller derby on t.v. and thinking how scared I would be if those girls on wheels came after me.

Then I started roller skating with my siblings at the nearby rink and I swear I may have met a few of them based on their speed, style, and fearlessness.

The Dallas Derby Devils, an all-female roller derby team are relentless, adventurous, and even have a bachelor/bachelorette auction.

Their first official season kicks off March 5th with a championship wrapping up the competitions on Aug. 27th. Other performances are April 2nd, May 7th, June 4th, June 25th, and July 30th.

Racing on a flat track, dressed in helmets, belly shirts, shorts, panty hose, and knee pads, they have their first bout of the season Feb. 17th. Roller derby is an American form of sports entertainment based on formation roller skating around a track.

This February Tucson, AZ will be overrun by ferocious and dedicated amateur rollergirls from across the nation including the Derby Devils. The term “roller derby” was used as an entertainment exhibition involving a contest between teams of roller skaters, first used in commerce in 1935. A brand name and logo for t-shirts, jackets, and pants, the term was also used in commerce in 1987.

The 2006 Dust Devil National Flat Track Derby Tournament is Feb. 24-26.

Teams representing leagues from all over the country compete for three days against the best in their respective divisions with each team determined to take home the national title for the year.

The Derby Devils also make an appearance at Roller Derby Thursdays at Elm Street Bar, 2812 Elm Street in Deep Ellum.

The group is looking for security, announcers, production set-up, water boys, booth help, and lots more.

“These events are not x-rated but they are definitely adult entertainment and I’m not even certain children would be allowed in,” said Kathie Fry, who covers the roller derby beat. “Check with the organizers before bringing kids to one of these games.”

Roller derby rules vary from league to league but in general the sport is played as follows: Two teams of five skaters, wearing protective gear such as helmets, mouth guards, and pads, take up positions alongside each other in a pack formation. A signal is given and the jam commences. Blockers start skating at the first second, a second signal is given to launch the jammers who must catch up to the rear of the pack. Scoring ends when the jammers lap around the back of the pack and go through for a second time. Calling off the jam early is a strategic move to prevent the other team from having the chance to score. Physical contact between players is frequent and sometimes violent.

The Gotham Girls Roller Derby team in New York City will also compete at the national tournament.

The Texas Rollergirls, also known as the “Rock n’ Rolling Derby” is skater owned and managed. They are comprised of 60 skaters on four teams and the group was established in April 2003.

All-girl roller derby show leagues are appearing all over the U.S. and there’s even a new league in the Cayman Islands.

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