The Easiest Indoor Plants to Care For

Many of us are interested in having plants in our homes to add decoration. However, the main problem that we often have is that plants are too time consuming to keep up with. If you are looking for a plant that you will not have problems maintaining, there are several choices that you have.

Cactus Plants

One of the easiest plants to grow and care for is a cactus plant. This is due to the fact that there is not much needed for it to grow in its natural environment- the desert. The main thing which is necessary for a cactus plant to thrive is tons of sun, so this is a great plant to keep by any windowsill that gets plenty of light. The best thing about growing cactus plants is the fact that they do not need water very often. This is great for anyone who has troubles remembering to water their plants. Cacti have a tendency to need water only on a monthly basis.

Ivy Plants

Ivy is another plant which thrives on sunlight. As long as it gets an adequate amount of sun, it will do well in your home. The only time when you need to water it is when it seems too dry or if it begins to wilt. Just make sure that the soil has some moisture in it. In order to start off an ivy plant, all that you need to do is cut a piece from a friend’s plant. After you put it in a pot or vase, you will not be able to get it to stop growing!

Spider Plants

Spider plants may be, by far, the easiest plant to grow in any home. Just like the other two plants which were previously mentioned, the main thing that a spider plant needs in order to grow is sunlight. It also is recommended for it to be kept in a pretty warm environment, although it is not at all necessary. These plants tend to look the best in hanging baskets. One of the best parts about spider plants is the fact that you can cut off the new “baby” spiders which have began to grow and put them in a new pot. They will then begin to grow into new plants.. All that you need to do is water your spider plant when it appears to be getting dry and it will be well off.

Growing plants indoors can be as easy as you make it. One important thing that you should be sure to keep in mind with any indoor plant is that you should be sure to not over-water them or under-water them. The only time that you really need to water your plants is when they begin to look dry. Otherwise, although you may feel the desire to, you should be sure to just leave them be. In order to find out about more plants which are easy to take care of which you can keep indoors, you should consider asking your local florist or visiting any nursery.

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