The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

I wrote a preview earlier on this version of Zelda, but it was a tentative title, and we didn’t know too much about it then… Now there is much more information about this game, and how it plays out. I am still calling this a preview, because we still do not know the complete edge on this game, as it is still a few months away from being sold in stores.

Nintendo has always been a great system, and this time around Gamecube is looking to hit the jackpot. With Twilight Princess right around the corner, Nintendo is looking to stun every system out right now. Nintendo is saying it’s next Zelda installment will be the biggest game on any platform. In this version of The Legend of Zelda Link stars once again as a young farm boy, and much awaken the hero within to save the land of Hyrule again. Not only must he save this land by foot, but he must ride horseback as well. As in Ocarina of Time where horseback was a part of the game, it plays a much bigger part in Twilight Princess. With the ability to transform into a wolf, and many more different animals, Link will have the chance to do things unimaginable, which make this game so amazing. With the help of a mysterious character named Midna Link must trot the darkened fields of Hyrule, and it’s outskirts to go face to face against the main evil lord himself. I know I can’t wait for this version of Zelda, because it literally sounds too good to be true.

Connecting Link to other versions of Zelda? Twilight Princess says this Link awakens the hero within. Which means this can’t be the same Link from Ocarina of Time? Unless this would be a prequel, this Link would be further along the bloodline, or possibly a new Link. According to the main storyline, every Link had some relation to others, but in Twilight Princess, this may not be the case. Nintendo has been very tight to letting out images or any sort of spoilers that would allow people to see what’s going on, but from what I have seen from official Nintendo information, this game will feature many different features that haven’t been seen in other Zelda games, and my instinct of using a Link from the same bloodline. I can’t see placing a new Link in this game, it just isn’t right, and if Nintendo wants to continue on with the Zelda games, I think awakening the true hero inside means waking up and smelling the coffee, or whatever Link drinks.

Nintendo spilled this information on The Legend of Zelda, so here is the main course everyone has been waiting for. Link, a young boy raised in a small village, is ordered by higher powers to attend a meeting in Hyrule. After being told that evil has plagued the land, he must set off on a journey to save it. When he enters the “Twilight” Realm that has covered Hyrule. Link then transforms into a wolf and gets caught. A new mysterious character named Midna helps him break free, and with her magic and spells, they set off together to try and save the land from darkness.

Hyrule is a big land, so whether it be the outskirts of Hyrule, or it’s mainland itself… Hyrule will be the main fiesta in this game, that’s for sure, and Link must uncover and solve the mysteries behind it’s plunge into darkness. Like in Link to the Past, there was a light world and dark world, well I have a feeling that this version will be similar to that, as there is a Twilight Realm, and a normal realm. In the Twilight Realm Link transforms into a wolf, and in the normal realm, Link is his normal self, whether trotting by foot, or riding his horse. With the aid of friendly characters like in all Zelda games, Link must use these characters to solve puzzles. Also you can’t forget about the Dungeons… They make the game what it is. You can expect these dungeons to be harder than the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. I mean all of them too! As I said before Nintendo didn’t want to mention a lot of information on this game as they wanted everyone to buy the game and find out for themselves, but this should stir up a lot of commotion, and make this game even more popular.

As this is strict information, there is nothing spoiling about this. This is just a first glimpse about the game, as it can still change. There are a few months left until the game releases, and I am sure there will be more information let out before it does release. I will let you all know as soon as I do.

ALSO! This game is set currently for the Nintendo Gamecube. But as we all know there is always that possibility of a delay, as most hot games tend to do. If this occurs, expect the Revolution (Nintendo’s next generation console), to host this game. This is just a rumor, but it can definitely happen.

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