The Little Plaid Skirt Tops the School Supply List

Private schools have been using uniforms since the 16th century to project equality and well�uniformity. But through the years fashionable girls have adopted the traditional uniform look to project the opposite.

In the 1970’s during the “Punk Rock” invasion, American girls adopted knee length red and black plaid skirts in a kilt style, complete with giant safety pin, (to match the ones they wore in their ears) They often wore it with a black t-shirt or crisp white collared shirt embellished with more pins and long white socks.

In the 80’s the skirt grew longer, was worn with boots, and included the traditional pleats. Colors varied wildly and, in a school full of pleated skirts, seldom were two identical. They were so popular that in 1987 Cherry Hill Elementary School became the first school in U.S. history to require pleated plaid skirts as part of a school uniform.

In the 90’s the plaid skirt ruled again when Britney Spears wore a sexed-up school uniform in a music video. With tiny pleats, the skirts moved so easily they were very revealing and were often worn with shorts underneath and “belly shirts” or white collared shirts tied at the waist to look like belly shirts.

Today’s plaid skirts are a mix of the past three decades. Mini kilt style skirts are sold in malls everywhere (without the safety pin) in colors ranging from traditional red to wild orange and turquoise. Long pleated skirts have been replaced by shin-length, form fitting, plaid skirts with long slits up the side; boots have given way to sandals and heels.

A quick look at yearly fashion magazines reveals that not a year has passed since 1975 in which the little plaid skirt has not appeared on the cover of popular back-to-school issues. That’s why the little plaid skirt should top your school supply list.

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