The Love Parade: A Look at Online Dating Services

Online Dating

Looking for a date? Join the crowd. There are hundreds of thousands eligible and attractive singles looking and ripe for the taking. But where? On the internet of course.

The Power of Technology

It was only a matter of time before the dating process moved from bars into cyberspace. The internet is too great a source of information not to be taken advantage of. Enter online dating.

You can post pictures, you can create a profile, you can list all of your interests, and you can show yourself to the world- all on the internet. There are many websites out there which facilitate the dating scene for a nominal monthly fee(usually around thirty dollars a month). Many of these websites are geared towards a specific group too. For example, specializes in the relgious community. Others can cater to an older age group or towards a certain race.

The Advantages

There are many advantages to dating online. First, you have access to an almost unlimited number of people whom you would never normally meet. These are people who are just like you. Looking for someone to share romance with and possible marriage. Secondly, you can create your own profile with pictures and words. This can be an effective tool for someone who can express his or herself well. Tell the world out there about who you are and someone is bound to connect to what you have to say. Third, a picture is truly worth a thousand words, especially on the internet. The potential for potential mates is virtually limitless.

Many websites have chatting and messaging options. This is invaluable. It gives people a safe forum for talking and getting to know one another without the danger of giving out personal information. Most websites have organizing tools as well. These allow you to order and catagorize you interesting prospects for you to utilize at a later time.

The Disadvantages

Many of the strengths of online dating are what make it weak as well. The fact you don’t meet people face to face elimates the most personal way of meeting or intoducing youself to a new love interest. If you have a special gift of meeting people in person than this can be a tricky compromise. Online dating may limit your mojo. Secondly, how people present themselves in their profiles isn’t always accurate or representative of him or her. People are sometime reluctant to talk about themseles or may have simply misrepresented themselves in a good or bad light. Pictures can also be misleading. Some people are naturally photogenic, others are not. The pictures that people take do not necessarily show the person at their best or their worst. Be wary of this fact.

What to do?

Once you get started and you have a picture and a profile online, you need to know a few basic rules of protocol. First, do not overwhelm. You may find yourself attracted to someone and just want to tell this person your whole life story. This is a bad move. You need to start off slow with someone you have never met in person, even if you feel this is the perfect match. Send little hints here and there and then wait. Most online services offer smileys and icons with preset messages that are non-threatening and inviting. Use them. If you are feeling a little frisky send a short, personal message. Just make sure that its short, casual, and to the point. Remember, it’s really easy to scare someone off on internet. You may never win them back.

Get Over It

Finding love takes time for most. Don’t get discouraged, and don’t be afraid to talk to as many people as possible. Remember, this is a social activity. People are looking to date, but they are looking to get to know you in the process. You aren’t always going to get the one you want either. The stars still shine on the internet. Thankfully, there are a lot more of them to choose from. Be patient, chat, and always spend lots of time getting to know someone before even making the ‘first’ move.

The First Move

The first move is when you both feel ready enough to talk over the phone or meet in public. It can sometimes be a little difficult to tell when the time is right. Generally, if you have been carrying on good, easy conversations over a period of time, it may be time to bring up the subject. Some people strike early, but this is usually not a recommended mode of procedure. Get comfortable first and then simply pop the question- can I call or meet with you?

From there on. It’s all you. Online dating is a relatively new thing, but its rapidly growing into a huge industry. Take advantage of it, proceed with caution, and have fun!!!

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