The New LSD: Effects of Salvia Divinorum

Herbs are like everything else in this life, if not taken correctly they can be dangerous. This is especially true with the Mexican herb Salvia Divinorum. Some people are calling this herb the new LSD.

To begin with, you should first understand that this herb was first intended to only be used by responsible adults. These adults would use it in religious ceremonies, healing rituals and mediation. But this is not what is happening now. Now people, teenagers are buying it for its hallucinate benefits. How are they getting it? It is being sold in herbal shops, on internet sites and in plant and seed forms in nurseries, legally, in every state, except Louisiana and Missouri where bills has been passed to make it illegal for teenagers to buy.

Salvia Divinorum is a perennial mint herb. It grows in large groupings and can get over 3 feet in height. It has large green leaves, hollow square stems, white flowers with purple calyces.

If you go and read about Salvia Divinorum you will soon find tales about how it has this healing benefit but it has to be given at a precise dosage. Given at this dosage an effect will occur between the brain and the behavior. Some are calling this effect a psychoactive effect. Looking up the term psychoactive in the dictionary you will find “Affecting the mind or mood or other mental processes ” Some readings go on to say that this effect is called a divine inebriation, yet is suppose to be better than alcohol.

What does this sound like to you? To me this sounds like a trip one would take with a street drug.

Yes, one can buy Salvia Divinorum at any local herbal shop or on internet sites. But that isn’t all they can do. They can buy the seeds and the seedlings, plant, sell, and use it. Actually, people who are into Salvia Divinorum are being encouraged to do this, especially to plant and use it for themselves. It seems that it is easily to grow from cuttings.

How is Salvia Divinorum used? The leaves are dried and then they are smoked or chewed. The leaves can be crushed and added to a drink or the extracts can be added to a drink. An ounce of Salvia Divinorum contains 100-200 leaves.

What happens when one uses Salvia Divinorum? The effects can start within 5 minutes to 10 minutes and may last from 30 seconds to 30 minutes depending upon the amount taken and the frequency taken. First one may begin seeing bright lights, vivid colors, shapes as well as body parts or ones movements will become disoriented along with objects. One can also become dizzy and ones speech can become slurred.

But just how severe can these effects become? Researchers do not know for sure. Not enough research has been done.

Yet, many people have pointed Salvia Divinorum as the cause of some deaths. What should you do if you are a parent? Advise your children against trying this herb. And if you are a teenager yourself, stay away from it? If you don’t know enough about something, isn’t it just wise to stay away from it?

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