The Portable Gaming War

I was inspired by Sandra Lee’s absolutely horrible article on the PSP to write this article.

These days, we’re surrounded by people who are either PSP fanboys/girls or DS Fanboys/girls. Then there are the minorities (Hilary Clinton and her video game laws). This article, however, is aimed at giving you a real look at what is great about each system.

Even though I would consider myself a PSP fanboy, I like the DS nevertheless. I want to give an unbiased article.

As a side note, I want some criticism about the article. If I’m wrong about something, tell me, but don’t bombard me.

Alright, Let’s begin.

PURE GAMING – Gaming is what defines a system.

The Nintendo DS’s aim is not to to make it look good, but to make it fun. You could choose between a version of Halo 2 with really bad graphics or 2D pac man with 3D graphics. What would you pick? I took a bit of time to to use my friend’s DS Lite and mess around with it. Mario Kart is pretty fun. Decent graphics, good gameplay and 2 screens for strategy makes DS allow funner games. In addition to DS games, it’s also backwards-compatible with Gameboy Advance games, even though it looks pretty ugly because the cartridge projects out of the system. the games are decent priced and are generally pretty fun.

The Playstation Portable aims in giving you a taste of the power of home gaming while you’re sitting on the subway or in the park. I’ve had the PSP for a couple months now and It’s one of the best investment I’ve made. Go online and find the best games. Choose wisely and you’ll be rewarded with games that not only offer rich graphics, but also advanced gameplay and quick addiction. The games may be a little pricey, but in the end, it’s worth it.

Here’s what you can pick:
– The DS, offering fun games (not all, but most) at a decent price
-The PSP, offering Graphics AND gaming at a slightly higher price

MULTIMEDIA – What else can you do with it?

The DS was made for Gaming first and foremost, so it’s frills aren’t that great, but it does the trick.
I don’t know a lot of people who own the DS or DS Lite up here in Canada, but I’ve messed around with it. It’s a decent chat system, considering the PSP only has that if you go to websites like Ebuddy through it’s Internet browser. Picto chat is great, if you have good handwriting, because you’ll need on to work with the stylus, which isn’t the best stylus in the world. DS download stations have already dominated north America, so it’s pretty great. I never noticed before, but you can actually use Mini SD cards with the system.

The DS’s screen is decently, actually really bright. It’s pretty nice.

The PSP was made to integrate multiple gadgets into a compact system. It’s music is really nice, the videos (depending on the compression) are beautiful and the pictures look great. Perfect if you forgot your digital camera but still wanna show the pictures.

It’s web browser functions pretty well. Although we could use a keyboard, It does the job if we need some quick info on the run. RSS does the job. And as far as I can tell, everyone who owns a location free base station is in love with it’s functionality in adding TV to your PSP anywhere in the world. The Memory stick works with basically anything Sony makes that needs memory. You can plug the memory stick pro duo into the adaptor to work with memory stick pro things. I’ve also heard of an adaptor originally used for Sony Ericsson phones that lets you use Memory stick pro for the memory stick duo slot in the PSP. It’s download stations, Playstation Spot, so far is only in the UK. It’ll take a while, but most likely, they’ll have it here.
With the GPS and the PSP camera coming, it sounds like their expanding pretty rapidly.

Your Decision:
-DS = More Gaming, Nothing else
-PSP = Gaming/ iPod / DVD Player / TV / Digital camera /………..

AESTHETICS – Grey Brick or polished white iPod? you decide

The DS LITE looks great (notice how is emphasize the word LITE). The white version looks like something from Apple, as far as I can tell. Looks actually kinda like an iBook. I’ve seen pictures for the other colors, and I’m guessing they’ll look great if they land on our shore.

The Original DS is just a brick. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t compare with the Lite. I encourage you to get the Lite.

The PSP is, well, the PSP. Even Other fan boys (Andrew Yoon, I’m look at you) will tell you that they’re starting to get bored of the default Black. It looks great, to tell you the truth, kinda like the black iPod Nano. if you want something else, there is the ceramic white, the pink, and the $500 US signature edition, which I have no idea why you’d get.
Although if you’re willing, there are interchangeable face plates available from many sources.

Your Decision:
-Shiny rainbow?
-Shiny Black along with the other ones?


The DS and the PSP are both very fun systems. It all comes down to what You’re gonna use it for.

If you have no computer and/or you just wanna play games and/or you’re still a kid, the Nintendo DS is a great system and will be great for your needs

If you want to stop carrying so many gadgets around and/or you want something powerful and/or you just want a system which lets you do more, The Sony Playstation Portable is a great gaming system suitable for your needs.

So there you have it. Sandra Lee, Please, you’re embarrassing yourself. Please use the system before you whine about nothing at all

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