The Rules of Beer Pong – One Great Drinking Game

Materials needed to setup beer pong is pretty simple, you will need a long table, normally a ping pong table is best but any table about that size works. Next you will need 20-30 keg cups or just any cups that are all identical, keg cups work the best for this game. You will also need a ping pong ball and lots of beer.

So the setup is easy enough you will place the cups in a pyramid (like bowling pins) on each end of the table, and fill each cup about 1/5 of the way with beer. Make sure your pyramids extends all the way to the edge of the table, the size of the pyramid really depends on your preference and how drunk you want to get, normally about 15 cups on each end is standard.

The rules are simple there are two teams of two players playing against each other. Each player will take a turn, they try to toss the ping pong ball to the opposite end of the table and want to make it into one of the cups. If they are successful then the team whose cup was scored in must drink the contents of the cup. This continues until one team eliminates all of the other team’s cups. The losing team has to drink all the beer in their cups as the game progresses and also has to finish the beer in the left over cups, of the winning team.

When a player throws the ping pong ball and it hits a cup and starts to swirl around the top of the cup, the opposing team can blow into the cup and knock the ball out of the cup, they don’t have to drink that beer and the cup remains on the table. The losing team must refill all the cups for both teams for the next game. Many times teams will make the losing team chug a beer but it’s really your preference. Hope you have fun with this, A lot of people have gotten really into beer pong and have built their own beer pong tables with built in lights, speakers, and graphics. Some people have even formed beer pong leagues! The game is addicting and fun so be prepared for hours of Beer Pong.

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