The Secrets to Staying Positive

It is easily said yet it is hard to maintain a positive attitude in adverse situations. I have found so much of my energy being wasted on pessimism. I have also read and discovered that it would take just about the same amount of energy to be optimistic about an otherwise bad situation. Keeping a positive outlook allows one to look for solutions instead of drowning in problems.

In other words, you can stay put or you can move forward. When you are in a bad situation, whether it’s a bad job, bad relationship or anything else, moving in any direction will help you view things in a different perspective. If you choose to stay put, not move, not change your attitude, it is almost impossible to make the situation improve. Moving forward doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to leave your job or end the relationship; it only means you will view at your situation in a different light.

One of the best places to start is exactly where you are; decide to begin making lists. On a sheet of paper, give your list the title of what you situation is and list all the good things about the job, relationship, etc.; then list all the bad things about it as well. This can be your point of departure. This is where you begin to realize if you are whining about something that is not really that bad; or if indeed, you need to do something to better yourself, your life and/or your environment. Nobody can tell you what is really right for you; only you can determine that. However if you succeed at staying positive you will learn to see the good instead of the bad. In all instances you can always find something good to hold on to.

That is exactly what staying positive is all about. Look for the good and hold on to the good. Don’t waste your precious time and energy on worthless thoughts and problems. Focus on always thinking good thoughts. If your relationship ends, concentrate on thinking a better relationship will come along. If you loose your job, think about what you can do to get any even better higher paying job elsewhere. I know takes time and practice but I also know that it takes the same amount of energy to dwell on the bad things. So if you are going to use your energy up, why not use it wisely?

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