The Ten Most Overexposed Female Celebrities

Sometimes it seems that the media is obsessed with certain celebrities to the point of you wanting to scream every time their faces appear on a tabloid cover or television entertainment program. I am not saying that they shouldn’t be occasionally mentioned, but it is just madness to regard them with the kind of awe that necessitates their every little move being shouted from the pages of “Star” and “The National Enquirer” gossip columns.

Why are we so fascinated by how much they paid for that designer frock or bling? Why do we need to know who they’re dating or sleeping with? Why do we need to see inside their homes or find out what their nightly menu is, since it’s highly unlikely that they are going to invite any of us over for dinner?

I looked around for varying opinions both on and off the internet on which female celebs people considered to be the most overexposed. Overexposure doesn’t mean that someone lacks genuine talent or intelligence (although some do), but that there is just too much seen and heard about them, to the point that it actually detracts from their careers.

After doing a little research and speaking to others, I was able to list the top ten names of those female entertainment figures they felt were the most likely to make them reach for the Tylenol bottle.

1. Paris Hilton

Yes, I admit to mentioning her in a couple of my articles, so I suppose I contribute to her overexposure. Since, however, the topic is what it is, she must be mentioned, because hers is the first name the majority of those I questioned came up with.

I have written on her in the sense of parodying her popularity, because it seems simply egregious that we can’t escape her, whether it’s on reality television, on scandal sheet covers, in magazines, in third-rate movie parts and now, heaven help us, in a music video for her recent album hit.

Those I queried groaned at the very mention of her name.

My personal feeling is that they need to steel themselves for continuing onslaughts of Paris-in-the-news, because, talented or not, she is beautiful, she does come from one of the wealthiest families in America and she does go out of the way to call attention to herself by exhibiting outlandish behavior, which will go on attracting the media.

The only thing that may slow the ball from rolling is when she hits her 30’s and another, younger trust-fund dilettante takes the focus off of Hilton.

2. Katie Holmes

Most people agreed that they had nothing personal against her and that it isn’t really her fault for being overexposed in the press. It is the fault of her “baby daddy”, recently-fired superstar Tom Cruise. From his spring-boarding on Oprah’s couch to show his enthusiasm for lady love Katie to the press coverage of everything related to the conception and birth of their chiild, it has been a TomKat overload. Now, to add to all the aggravation is the ridiculous need for the paparazzi to know what the couple’s offspring looks like, meaning we are just havin’ a little more news about Ms. Katie than we care to know.

If Tom Cruise ever decides to make an honest woman out of her by marrying her, be prepared for every annoying detail of their wedding preparations and post-nuptials existence.

Katie Holmes seems, to me, like a really sweet young woman and I hope, when the dust settles in her relationship with Cruise, that she is not left behind with her professional life damaged due to T.C.’s antics.

Some seem to forget that she was a working actress long before she met this man.

3. Lindsay Lohan

I know there are people who might disagree with me, but I believe Lohan is a talented actress and I am not a hater of her singing.

Some folks are really bored with having to read or hear about her partying, alleged drug use, feud with fellow list member Hilary Duff, whether or not she had breast enhancement, her dysfunctional relationship with her father, etc.

In a nutshell, you pretty much have the press reporting the antics of a basically young woman with a lot of money, a lot of attention and a host of hanger-on type buddies who want to bask in her shadow. At her age, she doesn’t yet possess the personal maturity to know how to handle fame and wealth.

To have every incident involving her infantile behavior more than we care to hear and gets old after awhile.

4. Angelina Jolie

Sure, her beauty is without measure and she is a fairly good actress, but her presence on this list is due to her overly-publicized relationship with actor Brad Pitt, her consequent pregnancy with their child and their baby’s bizarre birth in Africa. Now the media is going crazy to get first pictures of the little tyke, some tabloids offering millions for photos.

Unless the kid has three heads, I think it’s absurd to spend so much time obsessing over her.

Everyone I know is tired of Jolie and Pitt being chased around the globe and having their every nose twitch described.

Basic news: Brad dumped his wife for Angelina. They had a baby. It’s not as though this kind of thing has never been done before in Tinseltown.

Now, can we please move on?

5. Hilary Duff

Got a lot of groans as a response on this one, too. Duff got her earliest exposure on the Disney Channel in the “Lizzie McGuire” series and has gone on to star in films and perform in concerts. Most of the young female fans who just adore her could care less whether she sings on key or not, but there are some factions who feel they have seen her face a bit more often than they would prefer.

Some people can’t tolerate someone so notoriously perky, but I disagree with her detractors in that I think it’s a positive thing for there to be a role model for girls who isn’t screeching expletives, behaving badly, flaunting her breasts or performing raunchy dances onstage. I find it refreshing, frankly.

I only hope she doesn’t eventually feel the pressure to deviate from her wholesome image. You can be sure the entertainment “journalists” will follow her around to make certain they are there if she does.

6. Jessica Simpson

One can only wonder how serious Jessica Simpson really was about her former marriage to ex-spouse Nick Lachey. Allowing a television crew to film them in the earliest stages of their union for the MTV show “Newlyweds” was practically asking for things to fall apart. With high ratings, it was good for business and bad for their relationship.

The thing that was most irritating about her overexposure was her purposeful presentation of herself as a clueless dummy, like pretending that she thought buffalo wings actually came from buffaloes and insisting that she didn’t know that “Chicken of the Sea” was tuna.

Women have worked way too hard to prove themselves to have her come along and revive the old ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype. Maybe that role served her successfully when “Newlyweds” was still on and a hit, but the show is off now and she’s gone through a divorce. There is therefore no further need for her to perpetuate the falsehood that she is some bimbo. Any woman who has a successful career must be astute and informed and I believe Jessica Simpson is.

Please, enough of the brainless wonder act!

7.The Olsen Twins

These girls have been in the public spotlight since they were wee babies on the dreadful “Full House” series. They took turns playing Michelle, the daughter of widower Danny, portrayed by the annoying Bob Saget.

The media seems far more interested in their personal lives than in their poorly-received recent films. Now, tabloids spy on them in order to report on their drinking habits, love lives and more. The fixation on Mary-Kate’s bout of anorexia, in particular, bordered on being intrusive, especially when she was in treatment for this condition.

Now that their acting careers seem somewhat in limbo, it would be nice for the media to give them some much-needed space to get used to adulthood. They have been on display long enough.

Let ’em finally have a life!

8. Oprah Winfrey

Not as surprising a choice as some night think for this list.

It doesn’t mean that Oprah is not gifted, brilliant, accomplished and influential, but there are those who feel somewhat overwhelmed by her constant involvement in literally every issue of importance. Where I see her endeavors as her desire to really reach out and help as many folks as she can, there is a segment of individuals who perceive her as trying to push her viewpoints and own solutions on the world, which qualifies her for being listed here.

Oprah is just about everywhere you look and involved in just about every medium, so you are more likely to see than not see Oprah on television, in print, involved in some highly-publicized project, like producing a film or doing humanitarian work.

I admit to having my moments when I would like to be a little less “Oprah-cized”, but at least she is trying to do something positive in society and not just some vacuous celebrity only interested in herself.

There are still those, however, who would like her to be a lot less visible.

9. Anna Nicole Smith

No doubt about it, Anna Nicole loves the limelight, as her over-the-top conduct has proved. She clearly uses the media to advance herself and is not as ditzy as she appears yo be. How many ex-strippers can convince the Supreme Court to rule in their favor?

She has tried to fashion herself after Marilyn Monroe and, at her best weight, even resembles the late actress. Monroe, too, used the media to enhance her career. The difference is that there was a sweetness and innocence that came across with Marilyn, while Anna Nicole is outrageous and occasionally tacky, according to her critics.

Unarguably, most of those tired of seeing Anna Nicole’s face and form everywhere are women, since her legion of male fans are not likely to be swayed.

10. Britney Spears

I have always been a lot more concerned about the image Britney Spears conveys to young girls than about her personal shenanigans.

Though she has curtailed her performances to basically become more of a housefrau with hubby Kevin Federline, the press’s never-ending interest in her goings-on has hardly dimmed. I assumed that, once her reality show bit the dust, we would hear less about her, after years of ad-nauseum coverage of her life.

Not so..

Even though Spears has been out of the loop professionally-speaking for awhile, entertainment reporters continue to tell the world, whether it’s interested in knowing or not, their assessment of what the state of her marriage is, what her parenting skills are, etc.

She wed someone who is equally solicitous of attention and appears to want to exploit his mate’s popularity with the tabloids to promote his own mediocre aspirations.

No one I know gives a flying flip about Britney’s private life anymore and it’s way past time that the volume on the press’s fascination with her non-showbiz existence was turned down.

Celebrities need to be seen and heard, but still…

While it’s true that celebrities must have some media promotion to keep them in the public eye, too much of it can backfire and diminish a career. In decades past, fans were a lot more loyal and willing to stick with a star, through good and bad. Today’s fans, in contrast, are extremely fickle and will redirect their attention to a new pop idol if they tire of another one.

Contrary to what is apparently believed by the Hollywood media, you really can get too much of a good thing.

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