The Value of Singlehood

The state of being single is not a prison sentence, nor is it the end of the world. Today more than at any other time, men and women are living the single life. And while the world seems made for couples, the single lifestyle is still a wonderful option if chosen.

The only problem is that many singles are not taking advantage of the state of their being.They are missing the oppurtunities that are available to them. Indeed, many singles spend a great deal of time bemoaning their situation, that they are alone, that they need to find a partner and that life is passing them by. Truthfully, those singles are missing the potential that lies in the moment. The potential to learn to have a better understanding of themselves, and to actually prepare themselves to eventually be ready for when compansionship presents itself.

Being single is a challenge.

It takes great courgage to be single in a couples’ world. But just because a person is single doesn’t mean that a person is not whole. A single person is not a shoe in need of another shoe to be useful. A single person is capable of being just as happy and fulfilled as someone who is married.

Always remember that being single doesn’t necessarily means being alone. There are many single men and women coping with feelings of loneliness all of the time. It isn’t always easy to go out without seeing couples together at movies, or walking down the street holding hands and enjoying each others company. Again, it takes courage to be single wheter it is by choice or circumstance.

So, rather than sulk or allow loneliness to rob you of enjoying life, here are a few things that singles can do to enjoy life and to make it satisfying:

1. Rather than always staying at home, find a great resteraunt to eat at and enjoy a good meal.

2.Join a fitness club and open yourself up to possibly meeting other singles.

3.Keep a library of good books hat you can enjoy in the evinings.

4.Give some of your time to the elderly or to those who need the companionship of others.

5.Learn to value your own opinion .

6.Learn to enjoy doing everyday things like taking out the trash or washing the dishes. After all, independence is something a single person has in abundance.

These are just a few of the things that can encourage you to enjoy your life without the need or the prescence of another in your life. Singlehood does not have to be some kind of terrible penalty to be lived out.It is a time to be used exploring your own feelings and what matters to you. And most of all it is a time that can be best used improving upon yourself and finding out what gifts and blessings that you have to bring to an eventual healthy and satisfying relationship.

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