The Vermont Teddy Bear Company Provides the Perfect Unique Gift

Have you ever looked for the perfect gift for that someone special in your life? Do you want something that expresses how you feel and is perfect for every occasion? Do you want the ease of buying your gift online and having it directly delivered to your home? Answer yes to these questions and it’s time to check out the Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

The name of the company really says it all. The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is located in Vermont and surprisingly sells teddy bears. These teddy bears are quite unique however. Each bear is hand crafted and sewn, made of the highest quality materials. These teddy bear’s are not the kind of bear that you can run out to the store and purchase inexpensively. Each bear has a lifetime guarantee.

The customizable bears from The Vermont Teddy Bear Company are each 15″ while other specialty bears are 22″ and 36″. These teddy bears are fully jointed and heads can turn completely around. Most of the bears are available in a choice of color including honey, buttercream, vanilla and dark chocolate. Some of the bears have their own colors such as the “red hot lover” bear that is a shocking shade of red. The bears are available without any costume at all, but there is little fun in that. There are many options available at The Vermont Teddy bear Company.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company has several popular categories they put their bears into. These include birthday, get well, love/anniversary, new baby, occupations, specific holiday bears and so many more. These bears come in special costumes that are exquisitely made and beautiful detail. The teddy bears from Vermont Teddy Bear Company show how thoughtful you are when choosing and giving a gift. They also give you the ability to custom design a bear and outfit to give an even more special gift to your loved one. These bears start at $299. Of course, the bears that are already designed for sale are much less expensive but still range in at close to $100. This may seem expensive for a stuffed animal, but it is the thoughtfulness of the gift and the quality of the bear that makes it worth the price. The Vermont Teddy Bear Company has a bear for every occasion.

The Bear-Gram delivery service is incredible. The buyer can specify the day for delivery. This is a fabulous gift to receive unexpectedly at work or home. The teddy bear comes in a Vermont Teddy Bear box with gourmet caramels and a personalized card. The buyer can also add any number of accessories purchased separately to be delivered in the box with the teddy bear, including gourmet chocolates or pewter ornaments. These added touches make the gift from Vermont Teddy Bear Company even more special.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is the perfect place to buy a gift for that special someone in your life. The bears are handcrafted, customizable and amazing quality. Each teddy bear from Vermont Teddy Bear Company will convey a special message to that lucky person who receives the Bear-Gram. You really can’t go wrong with this unique gift from The Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

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