The Versatility of Crocs Shoes

Crocs shoes have taken the nation by storm, offering an alternative casual shoe and sandal choice for active lifestyles. Introduced in the United States in 2002, Crocs mania is spreading across the globe as more people discover the benefits of the soft shoes that protect feet from sand, water, and odor. Not only are the shoes versatile, but they extend exceptional comfort for tired feet.

Crocs debuted on the U.S. market primarily for boaters. The shoes are designed to be waterproof and flexible, as they are made of a closed-cell material named PCCR. These rubber-like materials offer comfort, flexibility, and function; the bold colors and funky style are popular amongst a variety of crowds. Crocs are ideal for beach and resort-goers, casual walks outdoors, and watersport enthusiasts; yet they are still an all-round comfortable choice for footwear.

The shoes are ‘clog-like’ in design, but offer a convenient strap on the back of the ankles for comfort. Colors run the gamut from neon pink and green , to pastel blue, light grey, and of course, black. The shoes certainly aren’t acclaimed for their visual appeal; many people would turn away from this rubber-looking rendition of a clog. However, consumer interest and reviews have delivered a different story; Crocs are here to stay, and are even competing in the realm of the world’s most comfortable shoe.

Crocs shoes are popular amongst boaters and outdoor enthusiasts, but offer additional benefits to warehouse workers, hospital personnel, and even restaurant servers who are on their feet all day. The shoes are popular because they do not slip off easily, and they can be washed and aired out overnight. The Crocs shoe design also has a very supportive arch, and may help many people with general foot pain. Aching feet and pain is common from excess stress on the balls and underside of the feet, and Crocs is designed to accommodate the natural arch. Reducing foot pain is a growing industry in itself, and Crocs may just be the answer for pain prevention.

The Crocs company reported sales of 1,500 pairs at their initial launch in 2002, and close to 6 million pairs in 2005. Crocs are gaining the favor of Europeans, Australians, and are distributing in Mexico and China as demand continues. The very unique and versatile attributes of Crocs shoes are sure to gain increased appeal over the next few years; we may soon find Crocs in the boardroom on casual Fridays.

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