The Xbox 360: The Pioneer in Next Generation Systems

The Microsoft Corporation – the developer of the new Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system- has done a fantastic job of releasing its new system early and preparing gamers for the future in home gaming systems. Xbox 360 is a powerful system that has been designed with a singular platform vision along with the strongest set of hardware components and intelligent software currently available. Designed in the genuinely hi-tech mode, all the Xbox 360 games give out some massive performance when broadcast onto a high definition wide screen television.

The Xbox 360 delivers a sensational experience that pertains to the cinematic feelings that have ever been experienced in the world of digital games before. While designing Xbox 360, Microsoft’s chief motto was to “create a living entertainment experience powered by the human energy” and this has become the central point of attraction for the world’s gamers. Xbox 360 entered the North American Market on November 22, 2005, Europe on December 2, 2005 and Japan on December 10, 2005. Xbox 360 was launched globally in the beginning of 2006 in both Latin America and the Asia Pacific.

Microsoft guaranteed to present the Xbox 360 at a reasonable price – as nominal as US $ 299.99 in the United States and Ã?£ 209.99 in the United Kingdom. In the case of the premium models with a costly set of accessories, Microsoft promised to keep the price no more that $399.99 in the United States and Ã?£279.99 for the United Kingdom.

The Xbox 360 games are also reasonably inexpensive. The current generation of the Xbox 360 games has been released and is available at US $49.99, while the next generation games with much more advanced specifications will be sold at a little higher rate of US $59.99.

The initial games, a bundle of eighteen were launched to coincide with the console’s release. The following is a list of the games that were first made available when the Xbox 360 was released:

1.Amped 3, developed by 2K Sports
2.NBA 2K6, developed by 2K Sports
3.NHL 2K6, developed by 2K Sports
4.Ridge Racer 6, developed by Namco Ltd.
5.Call of Duty 2, developed by Activision Inc.
6.Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, developed by Activision Inc.
7.GUN, developed by Activision Inc.
8.Condemned: Criminal Origins, developed by SEGA Corp.
9.Madden NFL 06, developed by Electronic Arts
10.FIFA Soccer 06 Road to 2006 FIFA World Cup, developed by Electronic Arts Inc.
11.NBA LIVE 06, developed by Electronic Arts
12.Need for Speed Most Wanted, developed by Electronic Arts
13.Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06, developed by Electronic Arts
14. Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie, developed by Ubisoft
15.Quake 4, developed by id Software and Activision Inc. jointly
16.Project Gotham Racing 3, developed by Microsoft Game Studios and Bizarre Creations Ltd. jointly
17.Kameo: Elements of Power, developed by Microsoft Game Studios and Rare Ltd. jointly.
18.Perfect Dark Zero, developed by Microsoft Game Studios and Rare Ltd. jointly.

There is also a wide array of great games that are now available – the worth mentioning of which are Madden NFL 2007, Call of Duty 2, Battlefield 2 and Saints Row along with countless others being released weekly. With the 20GB detachable and upgradeable hard drive, the Xbox 360 has other lucrative features and compatibilities such as JPEG Photo CD, MP3 CD, WMA CD, DVD Video, DVD ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD DA, CD ROM, CD R, CD RW.

This allows the user to experience some terrific sensations while playing the video games. The Xbox 360 is an effective integrated system that provides a large array of exclusive options including digital games, online play, and digital music. After the release of the Xbox 360, Mr. J. Allard said, “we think game designers have all kinds of innovative ideas that the hard drive will be used for. Use of the hard drive is not limited to game scenarios.” By this he gave a point blank indication of the fact that the Xbox 360 is a versatile hi-tech system.

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