Things to Know About Your Spouse Before Marriage

There are many important things to consider about your spouse before you get married. I think that many people get married primarily based on love and things they have in common. These things are very important, but other factors have to be considered also. I was married for 10 years and gained plenty of experience from it. There was so much that I did not consider. I think the divorce rate in the United States is high because important things are not discovered until after the marriage.

Medical History

Traditional marriage vows include taking care of your spouse through sickness. I think most people assume their spouse will be in good health until their elderly years. This may not always be the case, especially if a family history exist for certain diseases at an earlier than normal age. It is important to know as much as possible about the medical history of your spouse. Make sure to have them take a full medical physical prior to marriage. Their medical history could also affect your decision on having children. This could also help them find out things they didn’t know about themselves.

Diet & Exercise

This relates directly to health and medical history. Eating right and exercise gives you a better chance at good health and helps maintain a desirable weight. This may seem irrelevant if you are younger, but our bodies change as we age. If you are a person that values diet and exercise, it is critical to marry a person that feels the same. After marriage, you may not be able to change them into your way of thinking. If you are fit and looking good at age 45 and the other person is not, this could cause problems.


Good credit is very important in a marriage. It can affect home, car, and other major purchases. If you have bad credit, your quality of life may not be very good. Most people can’t afford to make all cash purchases so credit will be needed at some point. This can add stress to your relationship. Never marry a person without checking their credit report. A credit report tells you much more than just a number. It also points out stability, decision making, and responsibility. Once you are married, their debt becomes your debt.


If you believe strongly in a certain religion, it is important that your spouse feel the same because more than likely you won’t be able to change their beliefs. This can cause major problems especially if you have children.


It is important to know if your spouse wants kids, how many, and when. This is important for financial reasons and for your individual career goals. Other factors like college and parenting styles also have to be discussed.

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