Those Were the Days: A 1970’s TV Series Trivia Quiz

The decade of the 1970’s produced some of television’s most classic and memorable TV series. If you’d rather watch TV Land than the current network offerings or if you’re just a television aficionado in general, you should ace this quiz. See just how good your knowledge is of some of the top-rated series of the 1970’s.

1. On The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mary was employed at broadcast news station:

E. None of the above

2. In the series All in the Family, producer Norman Lear’s first choice to play Archie Bunker was:

A. Karl Malden
B. Charles Durning
C. Brian Dennehy
D. Mickey Rooney
E. Tom Bosley

3. On The Partridge Family, Jeremy Gelbwaks, who played youngest son, Chris, was replaced in the second season by:

A. Buddy Foster
B. Brian Forster
C. Brandon Cruz
D. Jackie Earle Haley
E. Ricky Schroder

4. In the sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter, teacher Gabe Kotter taught “the Sweathogs” at this school:

A. James Buchanan High School
B. George Washington High School
C. Franklin Pierce High School
D. William Henry Harrison High School
E. James Garfield High School

5. On the crime series Kojak, the favorite sweets of Detective Kojak were:

A. jelly beans
B. gumballs
C. tootsie rolls
D. licorice sticks
E. lollipops

6. When Happy Days premiered in 1974, Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard) had an older brother who mysteriously disappeared in season two. The missing brother’s name was:

A. Chuck
B. Bob
C. Bill
D. Mike
E. Joe

7. The original names of the three woman on Charlie’s Angels were Alley, Lee and Catherine and the original title of the show was:

A. Charlie’s Dolls
B. Charlie’s Avengers
C. The Alley Cats
D. Alley’s Avengers
E. Alley’s Angels

8. On Starsky and Hutch, Antonio Fargas played the wisecracking informant known as:

A. Honey Bear
B. Teddy Bear
C. Grizzly Bear
D. Huggy Bear
E. Panda Bear

9. When Freddy Prinze, who played Chico in Chico and the Man committed suicide during the show’s third season, his character’s absence was explained in the fourth season as:

A. he married and moved out of state
B. he was killed in a car accident
C. he left the garage to pursue a career in stand-up comedy
D. he left to go into business with his father
E. he was deported as an illegal alien

10. In The Rockford Files, P.I. Jim Rockford (James Garner) always informed clients that his rates per day were:

A. $200 a day plus expenses
B. $50 an hour plus expenses
C. $100 a day plus expenses
D. determined by the complexity of the case
E. none of the above


1. A
2. D
3. B
4. A
5. E
6. A
7. C …The names Alley, Lee and Catherine were a play on words for “Alley Cats” (Al-Lee-Cats)
8. D
9. D
10. A

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