Three Ideas for an Alternative Honeymoon

Many couples today spend far too much money and time on the wedding, and forget about or limit the honeymoon. Why not spend some of the green on a memorable trip? Combine the wedding with an adventure that both of you will never forget.
Here are three ideas.

Get married on a sailing ship, matey!

Windjammer Barefoot Cruises allows you to tie the knot onboard a tall ship and then stay onboard for a sailing adventure. They offer legal weddings as well as vow renewal ceremonies. You can choose to have a non-denominational minister officiate the legal wedding, or take care of the official business back home and have the Captain give the orders to kiss the bride in a ceremony onboard. You can choose to have your wedding onboard the ship or on the beach at any of several exotic locales, like Aruba, Tortola, or the Virgin Islands.

Just be aware that most of the locations require you to arrive early to meet requirements, so check with your wedding coordinator. This person will also be your point of contact for all the other arrangements, and is part of the service provided by Windjammer. Once the nuptials are complete, the fun begins, as you set sail on your adventure. Windjammer Cruises are on tall ships, with sails fluttering in the wind and a laid back attitude on deck. For more information about this unique way to start your voyage to the future together, contact Wndjammer Barefoot Cruises at

How about Chile?

Chile is an incredible country, and very romantic. It has a variety and unique nature that the adventurous will find rewarding and the romantic will find fulfilling. Patagonian storms, desert wilderness, outstanding wines, exotic food to excite the palate, and a wide variety of adventure choices await the discerning couple. The capital city, Santiago, is a very large city with a compact center that offers the visitor many opportunities. Valparaiso is the main port city of Chile, and its narrow layout between the mountains and sea reflect the general geography of the country. It has very interesting maritime museums, and is just south of the top beach resort area of Vina Del Mar, called the “Garden City” because of its many beautiful gardens. Don’t miss the Puyehue National Park, with its awesome natural beauty that will awe and inspire the romantic in you. Chile is a unique country that will leave a unique imprint on you and your partner. For more information go to

Maybe Croatia?

A rising star in the universe of exciting travel destinations, Croatia offers the best of the Mediterranean at very reduced costs. Wonderful beaches, exotic food and drink, historical cities with culture and excitement. Croatia offers it all. For the couple that wants a romantic setting that offers romance and wonderful memories, Croatia measures up. Dubrovnik is a good starting point. Known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” it is the perfect center to your adventure. Outstanding nightlife, great food, and beautiful beaches are all close by. You can go island hopping or just lay around the beach and wait for the sunsets. Croatia offers couples everything that more expensive destinations do, and it has the plus of being less “discovered.” To find out more, go to

Wherever you may choose to have your alternative honeymoon, make it memorable, and focus on having a great time!

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