Tips for Dealing With Negative People

I’m sure most everyone in the world has been around someone that is negative about everything and anything. They often don’t ever say anything positive regarding anything most of the time at all. They are often jealous of other people that are successful or not being able to keep with the neighbor with the luxury cars across the street.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes that after being around someone negative that you yourself start to have negative thoughts? We don’t realize it tears us down being around negative people constantly. They are emotionally draining cause of the negative energy.

Negative people are not happy about themselves inside. It is usually caused by low self-esteem or various mental illnesses. People don’t usually go from being extremely happy to extremely negative unless something extremely terrible happened. Some people are only negative when they don’t get instant results from something they have done. They need to find happiness from within themselves again somehow.

Negative people insist on putting down every little thing in order to make themselves feel better. They have a difficult time understanding that anything in life can improve into something better.

Here are some tips to deal with negative people.

Say Positive Things in response to rude remarks

When you say positive things to them it will make them at least think about what you said. When you constantly keep saying positive things to them it will help make a difference. Try to use words that sound uplifting and positive such as excellent, fantastic, great and amazing. If you sound excited and happy it will rub onto them eventually if they hear words like that enough times.

Don’t Argue

Don’t argue or start a debate with a bunch of negative people since it is pointless and a waste of your precious time. It will only make things worse if you argue or start a debate with them cause they won’t listen to hardly anything you say. Don’t let negative remarks bug you very much. Always try to say something positive to them.

Tell them something positive about themselves

Almost every day try to tell them something positive about themselves. Eventually it will start to help them to think more positive thoughts about themselves and possibly other people too.

Ask them what they have been successful at

Ask them what they have been successful at in their life. Ask them questions to help them think about how wonderful it was during that time when they were successful. Try to figure out why they stopped being successful. The answer they give does explain allot about an individual. Tell them about what makes you happy . Ask them what makes them happy also.

Negative people weren’t always negative. Something happened to those negative people that caused them to think negative. It is possible for negative people to happy again if they want to be and have the desire to be. People can’t stay negative forever eventually they will hit rock bottom cause of being so miserable. Happiness is a choice from within themselves.

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