Tips for Reducing Stress When You Lead a Busy Life

It’s sad to say when it’s Mnday and we already know hour-by-hour what we are to do today. It’s even sadder when you look at the clock and its 8 pm and you ask yourself what did I do today? Mostly everyone has been through all of this before, then we everyone gets exhausted and we sleep, we wake up, same routine everyday. The question here is, How do we do it all….and not feel like we are wasting our lives away?

I’ve summed up the answer in 5 easy suggestions on the ways I’ve maneged to figure it all out.

1- Find time in the day for you.

Yes, be selfish. Forget the dishes, forget the kids for at least an hour. Get them a baby-sitter. No kids? even better. Go out for a walk, get yourself something you love. At some point of the day, do something for yourself. This way YOU will be happy, and all the things that need to be accomplished, will be done, with much more energy and a better mood. Nothing gets done when you don’t want it to.

2-Talk to someone.

Have a life, a social life. Being wrapped up in life can be stressful, however when you have someone to share your pain, your stress, and someone to laugh with, you feel a closeness that can bring you some sort of tranquility. As an added bonus, you will not feel as if you are on robot-mode 24/7, because you know, out there, your friend, cares.

3- Go on vacation.

No, you don’t have to go to Paris, or even leave your state. Go online and get active, travel, breathe new air! Different settings, even for the smallest amounts of time, give you new experiences, new stories to tell and adds on to new friends. Go alone or have someone tag along, map out the MUST SEE of the town or area your are visiting and for at least an afternoon, grab a cab and go explore on your own.

4- Cry.

Emotinal stress can bring someone to tears. However, being “srong” in the sense of never shedding a tear, can be harmful. Letting go of emotions, screaming, throwing and breaking things, for a small amount of time, releaves the anxiety, until you cry and you fall asleep. You simply wake up, and start over.

5- Get a project.

Find something to give all your free time to. Pick up a hobbie, learn how to do something you never thought would be possible. Look at community college courses on various topics of your interests and actually get out there, you never know where you’ll end up.

The best tip for not losing yourself daily is to know who you are, what you want and then planning things for yourself.

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