Tips for Staying Young

More and more people are starting to fear the aging process. Whether it is wrinkles creeping up on them, the weight gain associated with aging or the fact that they can no longer do the activities they once enjoyed, everyone needs to face the fact that they aren’t getting any younger at some point in their lives.

By taking a proper lifestyle approach however there is a great deal you can do to promote a youthful appearance while still having plenty of energy and strength to keep up with your daily life. Combating aging is not impossible as long as you take the right steps.

The first thing to remember is that exercise is the fountain of youth. Keeping active is the number one thing you can do to reduce the aging process. Do not think that you must go to the gym for an hour a day in order to see benefits. It can be as simple as walking your dog for 15 minutes twice a day. All the little things you do during the day will add up to helping promote an increased range of motion in your joints and a good cardiovascular system. If you look at patients who are prescribed bed rest, most of them end up losing a great deal of muscle mass due to inactivity. This is the very thing you need to avoid. Losing muscle mass due to aging will not only make maintaining your weight harder but will also make simple things, lifting the groceries out of the car or cleaning the floors for example, that much harder.

Another anti-aging strategy is to quit smoking. This is another major thing that will age a person both with regards to their physical appearance and performance level. Most people are aware that smoking will make their cardiovascular endurance much lower thus even climbing a simple flight of stairs will leave them feeling out of breath. Additionally the effects it has on your skin, teeth and overall appearance can add years to an otherwise healthy person.

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is something that many people struggle with in today’s fast food world. They just aren’t as tasty as some of the more processed foods and we are being conditioned at a very young age to choose packaged snacks over fresh produce whenever possible. Try adding one extra fruit or vegetable into your diet every week until you reach at least 6 servings worth. Not only will you be providing your body with the vitamins and minerals you need but you will also likely lose weight in the process due to the lower calorie level that these foods provide.

Protein foods are another anti-aging secret that some people may overlook. Vegetarianism is growing today and while this is a smart nutritional practice in that it can lead to reduced saturated fat levels, if to you vegetarianism means a large plate of alfredo pasta then you may be in for some serious health consequences. You still must consume foods that are of higher protein content so that your body has the raw building blocks necessary to both repair and rebuild muscle tissues. You don’t have to include meat sources in your diet to accomplish this but choose foods such as low fat cottage cheese, egg whites (if you are allowed to be eating dairy and egg products), beans, protein powder and nuts often.

Finally, stress is a big culprit of physical signs of aging. If you are a person who has a tendency to always look at the negative side of things you need to work on changing your frame of mind to become more positive. When forced with a hard situation try and take a deep breath and look at it in a different light. Find positive aspects that can come out of the situation, maybe not immediately but eventually, that will enhance your life. Just approaching your days with a better mental state will really help to keep stress levels at bay. Of course remember to set aside some time each week to do something you really enjoy so you keep that passion for life going strong.

Aging is an inevitable process that we all must face. Armed with the right approach and lifestyle however we can greatly reduce the effects. Remember that diet, exercise and mind frame all work together so taking care of each factor is of critical importance.

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