Tips for a Quality Sex Life

We all talk to those people who seem to have a boundless sex life. They get more sex than should be allowed, and we’re jealous. But do they have a quality sex life, or just a large quantity of sex? Wouldn’t you rather have one or two quality sex sessions than ten that just aren’t that great? And if you have a quality sex life wouldn’t that naturally lead to more sex between you and your partner and actually create more quantity in the long run? We all want more of a good thing right? So how do we get to a quality sex life? What do we need to do to have a healthy sexual relationship that both partners can appreciate and want more of?

One of the first things you must do is communicate with your partner. How can your partner give you pleasure or know what it is you’d like to achieve in the bedroom if you can’t tell them? Make time to talk, discuss finding new exciting ways to pleasure each other and then make time for making love. Quality sex does not happen in fifteen minutes. I’m not saying that an occasional quickie doesn’t have it’s place, but for quality sex to occur it’s going to take some time. I suggest two hours but if an hour is all you can manage to get scheduled then it’s better than nothing. Quality sex should never be rushed, give yourself time to relax. Have a glass of wine and give each other a nice massage. Talk about what feels good and what doesn’t. Learn your partners “hot spots” and tell them yours.

Another important key to quality sex and excitement is to add some variety. Plan on not having actual intercourse for at least half an hour but enjoy all the other intimate things you can do to each other leading up to intercourse. You might even want to plan on not having intercourse at all. Make it a challenge to see if you can do it, or not do it in this case. Even if you lose the challenge and do have sex, it’s sure to be a challenge you can live with losing and one that comes with a prize.

Decide that sex is important between you and your partner. Sexual health is just as important to the overall health of your body as physical fitness and eating right. Be sure to add sex to your regimen of getting in shape and getting healthy. Practicing your sexual exercises will also add a tremendous amount of pleasure to your love making. Most men are under the impression that kegel exercises are just for women to use during pregnancy, but you guys have the same muscles and they need worked too. Keeping those muscles in shape will give you more control over your ejaculations and also make them more forceful. This too will definitely add to a quality sexual experience.

Use fantasy in your bedroom interluge. Sex therapists say that fantasy is a natural part of human sexuality as long as both parties can distinquish between fantasy and reality. Many couples use videos, masturbation, erotic dance and bondage to turn up the spice in their sex lives. Don’t suppress your fantasies, enjoy them.

Sharing a quality sex life with your partner is much more rewarding than the quantity of your sexual activities. So when you hear your friends bragging about their quantity you can just relax and know they should be envying your fabulous sex life.

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