Tips on Buying Used Clothing

Buying used clothing can be a great way to save money for the whole family, especially kids. There’s nothing wrong with hand me downs or used clothing, sometimes you can even find clothes with the tags still on. If you are considering buying used clothes from a yard sale or consignment store you should have a good idea of what to look for. You can’t always go by the sizes that are on the tags, because things tend to wear and shrink.

Always look at the quality of the peice of clothing you are considering buying, make sure there are no stains, rips, or tears and if the fabric is worn or faded in certain areas. You should also check for missing buttons and if the zipper works. Don’t be afraid to try stuff on or put stuff on over your clothes. There’s no point in buying something that doesn’t fit right. I personally don’t buy underwear or lingerie from these places. But you can really save money on everything else.

You may have to sort through the racks to find the peices that you want, but alot of the time they are seperated into sections or into size. When buying at a yard sale though, don’t be afraid to ask if they have a specific size or if they have boy or girl clothes for sale. It’s easier to bargain at these places too, most yard sales will be willing to adjust prices to fit what you think the clothes are worth. However, be on the look out for consignment shops that have bag sales, you pay one price for each bag you have, you can stuff as much stuff in there as you want to.

When shopping don’t feel bad if you don’t find something that you like. You don’t have to buy anything, there’s no point in getting someone elses junk if it is just going to turn into your junk! Make sure you have a place and a use for whatever you buy. You can even buy curtains, rugs, toys, linens, books, and furniture at these places too. Just be on the look out for anything damaged.

Make sure you wash all the clothes before wearing them, just to be safe. Don’t forget that you can donate your old clothes that don’t fit anymore back to the place you shop, you can use it as a tax write off. It’s always nice to contribute to charity too. Like the old saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I think it’s a good idea to reuse what we can anyway, sometimes the world just forgets to be thankful for what they have and realize that some people aren’t as well off. So the next time you are looking at some ridiculously priced pair of jeans, think of how much money you can save if you bought some slightly used ones.

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