Tips to Help Single Parents Overcome Money Problems

Most everyone do know how difficult it is for single parents to pay the bills each month. The struggle with money each month often does get more difficult each month after month. It’s like the bills just keep adding up to even more money. It is difficult to go from two incomes to all of a sudden just only one income. You want to make more money and also spend more time with the kids. You often tell yourself that there isn’t enough hours in the day and you are just too tired.

Some single parents work two or three jobs in order to have enough money just for the household bills each month. The solution is to find another way to make money so you don’t have to work as many hours and be less tired. There are a variety of ways to make extra money without having to work as hard.

Sell Stuff On Internet Auctions

You can sell stuff on Internet auctions such as e bay. If you sell enough stuff per week then it is possible will make enough extra money that would equal to a part time job. It doesn’t take very many hours during the week to sell stuff on e bay. You just need to take pictures of the stuff with a digital camera and write a description and list a price. After the bid ends then just send the stuff to the person through the mail. It’s simple and pretty fun !!

Do Freelance Writing

Writing may be something you might enjoy to get paid for. Freelance writing can bring in some extra money per month. You can get paid for writing anything from articles to greeting card verses along with various other projects. Most freelance writing jobs assignments can be completed through the Internet from your house. Look for freelance writing assignments that pay upon acceptance of your articles or other work. The pay is pretty quick if they pay upon acceptance. It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to write an article depending upon how much research is required.

Get A Job That Does Pay Commission

You can also get a job with commission. Make sure to get one that does pay an hourly wage plus commission on your sales. It will help you bring in more money each month cause the commission will motivate you. Make sure the commission scales on your sales is worth it due to the time and effort that you do to complete the sale with the customer. Commission on large price tags would be something to consider such as car sales or software sales.

Turn Hobbies Into Extra Money

Hobbies are something that we often do for fun. Think about the hobbies that you enjoy and see if you can sell it to make money. Some people paint pictures or write poetry. Most hobbies can make money if it is done right. People have talent that they often do not realize. People often don’t think about making money from something that they enjoy. It is possible to make money from most hobbies with a little bit of advertisement.

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