Top 10 Graduation Gifts

If you know someone who will be graduating from JR high, high school or college then you may need a few ideas for graduation gifts. I recently conducted a survey with students to find out what graduation gifts they would like to receive once they graduate. Some who responded were once graduates, and they told me what their favorite graduation gifts were. From my survey I have compiled a list of the top 10 graduation gifts that any graduate would appreciate. The top 10 are as follows:

1. Cash. Cash can provide financial help for any high school graduate who plans on pursuing college. For the college graduate, cash can help them with their plans in starting a career. A nice card will go over well with the cash gift as well.

2. Gift certificates. If you really don’t know what to get the graduate just purchase a gift certificate, and this way they can buy something they really need.

3. Laptop or desktop computer. This would make a wonderful graduation gift for a JR high graduate, high school graduate or college graduate. A laptop or computer can allow the graduate to do his/her homework, and can even allow them access to the Internet for researching term papers and etc.. A laptop or computer can also be a great graduation gift for the college graduate who will be pursuing a career in business, writing, Web site design or software.

4. Executive pen or pencil set.

5. Short-term or temporary health insurance.

6. Trip to a different province for a club gathering.

7. Luggage.

8. Book bag.

9. Frequent flyer miles. Don’t let those frequent flyer miles that you don’t use go to waste. Frequent flyer miles make a great fraduation gift for someone who’s graduating from college and will be required to travel in their new career. Frequent flyer miles are also a great graduation gift for the high school graduate who plans to attend college away from home – the frequent flyer miles would allow him/her to visit home on special occasions and holidays.

10. Gold coins.

That tops the graduation gifts based on my survey with over 50 students and past graduates. Feel free to comment, and by all means, if you can think of any more graduation gifts post your comment to let others know.

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