Top 10 Light Heavyweights of Sept – Nov 2006

#1: Clinton Woods
(40-3-1 24KOs)
IBF Light heavyweight champion:
Last fight: Defeated Glen Johnson on September 2, 2006.

He’s the man right now. After his defeat of Glen Johnson, another legit name in the division, Woods has sprung himself to the top of the division as the main guy to beat. Its unsure of at the moment who he may face next, but Woods is the go to guy.

#2: Glen Johnson
(44-11-2 29KOs)
Last fight: Lost a decision to Clinton Woods on September 2, 2006.

After Jones loss to Tarver in October 2005 and Tarver’s loss to Hopkins in June 2006, Johnson has excelled into position to fight for the linear light heavyweight title (universal recognition). Too bad he fell short in hopes of claiming that pursuit against Woods. Nevertheless, he’s currently “the number two man” at Light heavyweight.

#3: Zsolt Erdei
(25-0 15KOs)
WBO Light heavyweight champion
Last fight: Won a decision against Thomas Ulrich

Virtually unknown amongst his light heavyweight journey thus far, Erdei recently defeated contender Ulrich by unanimous decision, retaining his WBO championship. When will Erdei be viewed in the states on American television, hopefully soon.

#4: Tomasz Adamek
(30-0 21KOs)
WBC Light heavyweight champion
Last fight: 6 round KO over Thomas Ulrich.

He hasn’t fought in over a year, but is expected to fight on the undercard of Barrett-Valuev on October 7th 2006. He remains at some of the higher claims of light heavyweight at the moment, given that other 175lb fighters haven’t been stable in their reign for supremacy.

#5: Antonio Tarver
(24-4 18KOs)
Last fight: Loss to Bernard Hopkins in Atlantic City, New Jersey on 6-10-2006.

It was damaging to his ego and persona, domination from pillar to post by middleweight great Bernard Hopkins. After talks with former IBF super middleweight champ Jeff Lacy fell through, Tarver is looking to rebound from the tough loss if not this year, than immediately following the debut of the 2007-year. It would be a great matchup, Tarver-Lacy. Both are coming off of huge upset losses and need to redeem themselves. Hopefully we can get this fight in 2007.

#6: Roy Jones Jr.
(50-4 38KOs)
NABO Light heavyweight champion.
Last fight: Defeated Prince Badi Ajamu on July 29, 2006

After being on top of the game for so many years, it may be difficult for many to see Jones rest at 6th rank. His victory over Ajamu proved that he may possibly still have something left in tank – just how much? In an interview held at a roundtable discussion back in June, Roy discussed his interest in facing Glen Johnson once more. “I just want to fight Glen, I aint going lie to ya.” “Cos’ ain’t no way in hell Glen supposed to beat me.”

#7 Paul Briggs
(25-2 18KOs)
Last fight: Won by disqualification against Jose Alberto Clavero

He loss at his chance against Tomasz Adamek for the light heavyweight title. On October 7, 2006, on the undercard of Barrett-Valuev, Briggs gets another opportunity to fight for the WBC light heavyweight title.

#8 Julio Gonzalez
(40-3 24KOs)
Last fight: 3rd round KO over Rodney Moore

Gonzalez may be on the move for a mandatory title shot against Clinton Woods very soon, due to Johnson’s loss.

#9 Chad Dawson
(23-0 15KOs)
NABF Light heavyweight title
Last fight: defeated Eric Harding

Dawson is on the rise in the light heavyweight division. After being put down on the mat in his previous fight with Harding, he arose and beat Harding by a unanimous decision. His next fight will be in Germany against Stipe Drews.

#10 Stipe Drews
(31-1 13KOs)
EBU Light heavyweight title
Last fight: Defeated Kai Kurzawa

He faces Chad Dawson in November 2006 and is undefeated in his last five fights. Drews looks to disrupt Dawson’s plans on continually rising further north of the light heavyweight division.

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