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Be willing to be the bad guy.

Remember that some opportunities come only once.

Never say “never” (as in “My child would never do that”).

While parenting advice from our forefathers is wrapped up in witty sayings, today’s parents are dedicated entire websites to their parenting experiences. Experts are also joining in on the blog craze – offering curious parents a professional’s opinion. Whether you’re thinking about a baby or parenting a teenage or even looking for some humor in your young adult’s quirks, the below blogs offer sage advice for every step of parenting.

Healthy Children – Steven Parker, M.D.
Published by WebMD and maintained by Dr. Steven Parker, director of behavioral and developmental pediatrics at Boston Medical Center and an associate professor at Boston University, the posts on Healthy Children blog is any but sterile advice. Dr. Parker explores immunizations, maturity, breastfeeding, and stem cell research with a compassionate attitude. He also introduces personal experiences or current events to his writing. The underlying theme of Dr. Parker’s writings is to encourage parents to “discover” – not “invent” – their child. Individuals can also take advantage of WebMD’s message boards where parents and professionals exchange information. His book credits include Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics: A Handbook for Primary Care and Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, 1998 edition.

Attachment Parenting Blog – Dave & Linda
Attachment parenting is a method of parenting that promotes extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, non-violence towards children, and constant holding of infants. Parents Dave and Linda maintain the blog and also choose to home school their three children and limit media exposure. While Dave admits that their attachment parenting values go beyond the mainstream attachment parenting movement, the couple offers well-researched posts on issues such as birth-control options, car seats, children’s schedules, and breastfeeding. Attachment Parenting Blog also discusses current events such as soda machines in schools and cell phones and includes lighthearted entries on personal parenting moments. – Greg
A parenting blog that caters to a man’s man! This gadget-saavy dad reviews everything from strollers to bikes to feeding supplies, and more. Greg introduces readers to new products, such as Baby Rock Records and disposable feeding kits. For kicks, Greg sometimes puts products to the test, most notably, his test-testing of infant formula. includes links to other dad-friendly weblogs. The posts are witty and honest and sure to make a stressed parent laugh aloud.

The Parenting Post – Parent’s Magazine
Published by Parent’s Magazine and maintained by five diverse parents, The Parenting Post is parenting blog that offers nice dose of reality for any parent – mom, dad, infants, teens, single, married, etc. Often humorous and always nonjudgmental, posts explore the world of floor o’deuvres, organization, parenting tweens, and much more.

One Minute Parent – Barbara McRae
Barbara McRae, a master certified coach, caters particularly to parenting teenagers – saying its the most challenging time after the terrible twos. She promotes effective ways to communicate and connect with your teenager. On her blog, McRae posts look at ineffective ways that many parents deal with frustration and examines difficult situations (think “Dear Abby”-style) and ways parents can cope. McRae is the author of Coach Your Teen to Success. Recently, McRae was invited by the White House to speak about how to handle challenge’s presenting by raising teens today.

Wherever you decide to surf for advice, be sure the writers are credible. Blogs are personal opinions and not necessarily effective for all children – takeaway what safely works for you and leave the rest in cyberspace.

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