Top Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Texas

Texas is home to many of the finest rehabilitation centers in the nation. Each of the below centers is fully qualified to help you or someone you know to get on the road to recovery. Get help today for a brighter tomorrow.

Burning Tree Recovery Ranch specializes in long term residential drug and alcohol treatment for adults with a relapse history. Our sole function is to serve the substance abuse relapse adult who has been to other treatment programs and has been in and out of 12 step programs and just can’t seem to get and stay sober. Alcohol & drug relapse prevention and a relapse prevention plan are our primary roles. Accredited drug program treatment center.

Burning Tree Ranch
P.O. Box 757
Kaufman, TX 75142

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are progressive, fatal diseases which is why they have chosen to provide long term residential treatment (a minimum of 90 days to a year) to a specific population of alcoholics and addicts with a relapse history. We provide a range of services within a supportive, strong 12 step environment.
These services include long term treatment, group and individual counseling, dual diagnosis counseling, family counseling, life skills training, chemical dependency education, relapse prevention skills, and daily attendance at 12 step meetings.
The length of stay of their clients is individually determined by the client’s progress in drug and alcohol treatment, and the evaluation of the entire treatment team. The Burning Tree Ranch team brings together over 80 years of experience in treating alcoholics and addicts to the decision making process and each decision is based on each alcoholic or addict’s unique treatment needs in a serene and beautiful setting.

Burning Tree Ranch Services

Burning Tree Recovery Ranch is a long term residential facility treating addicts and alcoholics who have relapsed following primary treatment and / or 12 step programs. They are licensed by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.
The length of stay is determined by the client’s progress in treatment. MINIMUM commitment is 90 days. The average length of stay is between 6 to 9 months. Burning Tree Ranch does not provide detox; our clients must be medically stable in order to be admitted for treatment.
Cost is $6000.00 per month, plus a $2000.00 medical deposit. They are private pay only and do not take insurance. Any admission that must be made at times other than those listed below may incur additional service fees.
Referrals to Burning Tree Ranch are accepted by telephone 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm. Admissions are done Monday through Thursday between 10am and 2pm. Please feel free to contact Burning Tree Ranch any time, day or night, for general information.

Admission Criteria Burning Tree Ranch Services

�Substance Abuse Diagnosis
�Medically Stable
�Dual Diagnosis Accepted
�Required Phone Assessment by Clinical Director
�Private Pay only; no insurance is accepted
�Medical deposit, plus first months cost of treatment

Burning Tree Ranch and its Staff takes an integrated treatment approach to Dual Diagnosis, rather than sequential treatment of chemical dependency and mental disorders.
�Specializes in adult addicts & alcoholics with a history of relapse
�90 Day MINIMUM commitment
�Dual Diagnosis
�Spiritually driven
�12-Step Based (Big Book lectures, active step work; sponsors)
�Coaching / Training of Life Skills
�Time to Heal
�Nutritional guidance
�Physical Exercise / Yoga
�Alumni / Aftercare
�High staff to client ratio
�24/7 Supervision
�Medical Director on-site
�12-Step Meetings Nightly
�Ropes Course every two months
�3-Day Family Program


The admissions process consists of the following:

Intake Call with Admissions Director
Phone Assessment with Program Director
Arrangement of Financials
Clothing Inventory Faxed
Rules of program reviewed
Admission time is scheduled
To facilitate ease of transition into the recovery community at Burning Tree Ranch they schedule admissions between 10am and 2pm, Monday through Friday. Please call us at 1-877-962-7374 and our Admissions Director will discuss your options. You may also contact the admissions director by filling out the contact form. (Any admission that must be made at times other than those listed above may incur additional fees.)
It is imperative that admitting clients be medically stable (detoxed and drug free) prior to admission at Burning Tree Ranch. Burning Tree Ranch is not a licensed detox facility. If, during the admission process they feel that a potential client is not medically stable we will ask for signed medical report from a Doctor.

New Day Counseling seeks to end the use of mind and mood altering chemicals among children by providing education, support, and intervention to the entire system of relationships that surrounds the user.
Chemical dependency does not occur in isolation. It is seriously impacted by, and impacts in return, communities, school or work life. economic status, personal history, ways of thinking and perceiving, spirituality, friends, and family. New Counseling address the complex web of social and psychological systems and interactions that contribute to chemical use and that must be aligned to support healthy life change.
New Day sees the role of the family as essential to the health, healing, and recovery of youth and they are unique in actively involving the family in the healing process.
Chemical dependency progresses on a predictable course that can be arrested, if not cured. New Counseling is prepared to intervene at any point along the entire course of dependency from experimentation through moderate use to severe addiction.
New Day Counseling is also dedicated to the prevention of chemical dependency by offering diverse programs in education and awareness regarding healthy families, parenting, and chemical dependency.
Adult Services

The Adult and Adolescent Programs of New Day Counseling centers around group and individual counseling sessions. As a part of these sessions, clients learn not only aspects of alcohol and other drugs and their addictive properties, but life skills that aid in leading successful and sober lives. These topics range from chemical reactions to drugs and alcohol, sober communication skills, setting healthy boundaries with friends and others, to family and relationship skills.
Further, because addiction and substance abuse does not occur in a vacuum, the family is very important to the treatment process at New Day Counseling. All families are invited to be a part of their family members treatment process, to the extent that is appropriate and agreed to by the treatment team. All clients receive significant counseling in family and communication skills to enhance family functioning, as well as how the family could better support it’s member in early sobriety. Each client of New Day Counseling is assigned a primary counselor at intake, and this counselor with the client develops a treatment plan to better facilitate progress in treatment. This primary counselor is the clients’ link to the agency, as well as any community services that might be helpful to each individual.
All individuals, age 18 and over are eligible to be admitted into New Day’s treatment services. Although some members are referred through legal avenues, anyone can make an appointment, without a medical or legal referral
Adolescent Services

Each client of New Day Counseling is assigned a primary counselor at intake, and this counselor with the client develops a treatment plan to better facilitate progress in treatment. This primary counselor is the clients’ link to the agency, as well as any community services that might be helpful to each individual.
All individuals, age 18 and under are eligible to be admitted into New Day’s treatment services. Although some members are referred through legal avenues, anyone can make an appointment, without a medical or legal referral. Visit their website at

Texas Drug and Alcohol Rehab
Starlite Recovery Center Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program exists to offer men, women, and adolescent males a new chance at a life. Offering Residential (in-patient), day treatment, continuing care, and online drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation services, Starlite is a leader in the field of drug addiction treatment and has been since our inception. Located outside San Antonio Texas, Starlite offers an unmatched natural environment in which to recover from the devastating effects of drug addiction and alcoholism.

Innovative chemical dependency treatment has been the hallmark of Starlite Recovery Center for over 3 decades. Their professional staff of physicians, counselors and nurses provide clients with an interdisciplinary team that effectively manages their individualized care.

For years, thousands of adults and adolescents have found the strength and been given the tools to take advantage of each new day at Starlite Drug Rehab Centers. They’ve learned to share, express feelings, and develop lasting, healthy friendships.

Starlite Recovery personnel are here to support you while you design a recovery plan from alcoholism and addiction that works for you and offers you a better life free from the bonds of chemical dependency and drug addiction.

Drug Rehabilitation Programs at Starlite Recovery Center…

There is hope if you have a problem with alcohol or drug addiction. Starlite drug rehab center can help you discover a new way to live without drugs or alcohol. Our rehabilitation facilities and recovery programs provide a safe place to learn, heal and recover from the devastating effects drug addiction and alcoholism has on both the individual and the entire family.

Drug Rehabilitation, Drug Treatment Centers and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Starlite Recovery Center’s primary mission is to offer a broad range of alcohol rehabilitation programs and drug treatment options to men, women, and adolescents struggling with the diseases of drug addiction and alcoholism. Drug rehabilitation programs are provided by an expert staff of counselors, therapists, and professionals in the field of substance abuse treatment and include counseling, education, training in the tools of recovery and how they apply to freedom from drug addiction and alcoholism, and introduction to the recovery community during an individual’s stay in their drug rehab center.

JCAHO accreditation and Texas Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs state licensure for detox, inpatient residential treatment programs, day treatment, and outpatient rehabilitation services assure a quality of care unmatched elsewhere in the treatment industry. Their drug rehabilitation center has helped thousands of individuals who had seemingly lost all hope learn a new way of living free from the bonds of addiction and alcoholism. Starlite Recovery Center offers a new hope for addicts and alcoholics, a freedom from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Starlite Recovery Center’s professional and caring staff is available at all times to assist you to obtain rehabilitation services and guidance for drug addiction and alcoholism. Let them help you as they have helped thousands of others who have alcohol and drug problems….call for help and experience a life change.

Drug Rehabilitation at Starlite Recovery Center Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs are covered by most insurance plans. They will work closely with you to address your financial circumstances and treatment benefits. Please give them a call at 1-866-220-1626 so they can assist you in developing the best drug rehabilitation and alcoholism treatment plan possible for you or your loved one.

Adult Drug Rehabilitation Programs at Starlite Recovery Centers

Starlite recognizes that each person has individual needs and that a “one size fits all” approach to treatment is not usually successful. That is why Starlite offers a more comprehensive range of treatment options. You will be given an individual case manager who will guide you through the program and provide you with a personalized drug and alcohol treatment and recovery plan that identifies and addresses your problem issues.

Starlite Recovery Center’s adult programs include:
1.Detoxification Services for the client who:
needs relief from the physical discomfort of withdrawal
for safe stabilization may need medical monitoring by a physician
2.Residential Drug Rehabilitation for the client who:
cannot stop using alcohol or drugs without 24 hour supervision
has continued to use chemicals despite knowing of negative health or social consequences
demonstrates substance induced adverse emotional behaviors which interfere with life activities
continues to use drugs and alcohol despite previous treatment attempts
3.Day Treatment Services for the client who:
has transitioned from detox or residential levels of care, yet needs significant daily supervision
needs more support to prevent relapse than outpatient counseling alone can supply
4.Online Drug and Alcohol Treatment Continuing Care for the client who:
has completed a Starlite residential or day treatment program, and seeks the convenience of an anywhere, anytime online connection to long term support services. Traditional aftercare is also available.

There is wisdom in knowing that you cannot face addiction alone.

The Summit House Adolescent Drug Rehabilitation Programs at Starlite Recovery Center

The Summit House offers the highest quality treatment for adolescent males, ages 13 through 17, who are experiencing difficulty in life as a result of their use of alcohol and other chemicals. Associated problems usually include: Scholastic Problems, Family Conflict, Depression, Lack of Motivation, Legal Problems, Unhealthy Peer Groups and Behavioral Problems.

If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulty with their child, and thinks drugs or alcohol may be a factor, call the intake department at (866) 220-1626. Consultation is free and confidential.

Their philosophy for continuing recovery is based on the Twelve Step Program. The staff expects clients to take responsibility for their own recovery and thereby garner the rewards that result from a life free of drugs and alcohol. The Summit House is certainly a place of caring and nurturing, but one that also requires active participation in the treatment process. With this understanding, they will provide an individualized treatment plan that effectively addresses the adolescent’s problems and generates resolution. They involve family members during treatment by assisting in rehabilitating healthy communication and by setting clear boundaries for re-entry into the home environment. Family weekends at the center facilitate this through education and conjoint therapy groups.

Situated on forty acres in the fresh air of the Texas Hill Country, The Summit House provides a healthy, structured environment conducive to interrupting the cycle of chemical abuse and helping redirect adolescent’s lives towards successful recovery. The young person’s stay at the Summit House may extend for up to six weeks. During this time an educational and therapeutic process, directed by a certified counselor/case manager, is forged between the client and an interdisciplinary team of counselors, nurses and physicians – experienced in dealing with the complex issues facing the adolescent and his family.

Alumni Support Groups at Starlite Recovery Center

With treatment and continuing care, we can experience the powerful strength of group support. Through this process we will continue to grow and acquire the recovery skills so necessary for successful living, while realizing the goodness of recovery, one day at a time.

Successful long-term recovery requires a strong support system. At Starlite, you can choose between both traditional and online continuing care support. They make it easier to stay connected to our caring professionals and your fellow alumni, encouraging the fellowship so important to sobriety. Starlite Recovery Center has more than 10,000 alumni. Alumni meetings are held weekly in all metropolitan areas in Texas. In addition to those meetings alumni use Online Support Groups to stay connected.

Family Involvement Is a Key Ingredient in Recovery

Starlite team believes that chemical dependency is a family illness which affects the family and loved ones of the addicted person. We further believe that it is necessary to provide education and treatment for the entire family system. Understanding the disease and beginning the healing process is essential to those impacted by the behavior of an alcoholic or addict. Through family involvement many of the emotional aspects of recovery are faced and an opportunity to heal old wounds is addressed.

Understanding the disease concept is an integral part of the family’s education. Learning how to distinguish between codependency (the significant others’ dysfunctional behavior around the addicted person) and the appropriate display of love and support is also a significant issue for the family in recovery. The Starlite Family Program is conducted on scheduled weekends on campus. Our family counselors lead educational and process groups over a two and a half day period. Experience tells us that the benefits of this approach are the most rewarding possible.

Impaired Professionals Program for Chemical Dependency

Starlite’s Impaired Professional Program (IPP) staff recognizes that professionals have specific needs that are not common to all clients and that these needs must be addressed at a greater level of intensity. The levels of justifications, rationalizations and denial are well defended, as this group struggles with the identification of an “alcoholic/addict” primarily due to the level of success in other areas of their lives. Guiding the client through this struggle and helping him or her see the obvious self-destructiveness that they are presently living with is a small but significant aspect of this specialized program. IPP clients have an identified case manager who specializes in working with this population, guides them through their individualized treatment plans, and serves as their advocate when dealing with licensing bodies. Staff ensures that an appropriate discharge plan is implemented which may include any combination of outpatient counseling, extended care placement, 12 step support meetings, or a professional monitoring program to satisfy licensing requirements. This is done to maximize the opportunity for positive outcomes so professionals may re-engage in their personal and professional pursuits.

Program developed specifically for professionals:
oCPAs oNurses
oJudges oClergy
oOther Professionals
Impaired Professionals Program Features:
oWork Closely with Licensing Bodies / Peer Assistance Programs
oAvailable 96 Hour Assessment Including Medical, Psychiatric, and Psychological Evaluations
oExperienced Physician and Clinical Staff
oRecovering Professionals 12-Step Meetings
oPost Treatment Monitoring Available
oProfessionals Specific Didactic Groups
oIndividualized Treatment
oDischarge Planning
oDaily Group Process
oChemical Dependency Education
oFamily Program
oRecreational Activities
oRelapse Prevention
oContinuing Care Support Groups
oCovered by most Insurance Plans
oState Licensed and Accredited by JCAHO

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