Top Five Dog Breeds for Children

One of the main worries when a couple starts a family is pets. Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but how do you know that you can trust an animal around your newborn baby? We’ve all heard the horror stories about dogs attacking adults, children and other animals, which certainly speaks against having a dog in the house with a baby.

Realistically, there are certain breeds that are more prone to attack than others. Having a pit bull and an infant in the same room might not be a good idea, but there are some breeds that get along great with children. Having a pet in the house can be a wonderful experience for babies and toddlers, so if you enjoy dogs, you shouldn’t rule one out entirely. It is better to be careful about which breed you choose than to refuse to own one at all.

The following breeds are known to get along well with children, and many, like the golden retriever, are rumored to be very protective of the kids in a family. They will alert you to the presence of an intruder, watch over your child, and offer hours of cuddling and playtime fun.

1. Golden Retrievers

These are some of the kindest, sweetest, most inteligent dogs in the world. They are large animals, growing to sixty or more pounds, but they are known for their mild dispositions and have been named as heros in rescue cases across the world. They can be kept indoors or out, as their coats protect them against cold winters, and they are also raised as show dogs.

Physical Characteristics: Golden or fawn colored, large paws, long coats.
Best Thing About The Breed: Very lovable
Worst Thing About The Breed: They shed�a lot!
Learn More: The Golden Retriever Club of America

2. Border Collies

Originally meant to work on farms, Border Collies are just as kind as Retrievers. They were bred to care for herds of sheep and cattle, but have since become incredibly wonderful pets. They are extremely smart, with exceptional hearing and eyesight, and they tend to live longer than many other dogs their size. The typical Border Collie matures to around 45-50 pounds.

Physical Characteristics: Black and white or brown and white with long hair.
Best Thing About The Breed: Very smart and sensetive.
Worst Thing About The Breed: They can become slightly “neurotic” and attached to humans.
Learn More: Border Collie Rescue

3. Labrador Retrievers

Whether black, yellow or chocolate, Labradors have always been a favorite family pet. With big, boxy heads and huge mop feet, these dogs are incredibly smart and become immediately attached to small children and young adults. They are known for fierce loyalty and laid-back personalities.

Physical Characteristics: Medium hair colored yellow, black, or brown; deep chests; 60 pounds.
Best Thing About This Breed: Sensetive and loving
Worst Thing About The Breed: They like to hide things around the house, and are difficult to potty train.
Learn More: The Labrador Club

4. Pomeranians

Unlike some of the other small dogs, Pomeranians are neither yippy nor prone to biting. These dogs are very smart with an ability to learn lots of tricks. They are small, which makes them less imposing to children than large dogs, and they are easily trained to go outside and to perform tricks. They have long hair, which does shed, but they are fairly easy to keep in the house. They don’t do well in cold climates.

Physical Characteristics: Long hair, long snout, puffy tail, varying colors.
Best Thing About This Breed: Cute, small and cuddly
Worst Thing About This Breed: Jealous of other dogs; will compete for attention.
Learn More: The American Pomeranian Club, Inc

5. Beagles

Beagles are extremely funny, very lovable little dogs with kind hearts and a knack for consolation. These animals are very sensetive, and always seem to know when you need their affection. Beagles are easily trained and rarely bite, and they are great for kids because they’re small and don’t mind being petted or cuddled for long amounts of time. There are lots of Beagle Rescue groups across the United States because they are one of the most at-risk dog breeds in the world.

Physical Characteristics: Short with long bodies; black, brown, and white coats, short hair.
Best Thing About This Breed: Love affection.
Worst Thing About This Breed: They dig, so yards must be secured.
Learn More: Beagle Rescue

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