Top Ten Songs by Sublime

Sublime is one of my favorite bands of all time. I was first introduced to them when I was mowing lawns in my neighborhood during the summer. These were the days before iPods, so I had a big clunky CD player hooked to my waist. I listened to a lot of music that summer, but the music that got me through those hot summer days the best was the funky rhythms provided by Sublime. A disclaimer: I am not a music critic, so I can only tell you about what these songs meant to me, and how I personally ranked them. Let’s start the count down.

10. “Garden Grove”
The very first song on my favorite Sublime album, the self-titled “Sublime.” It was the first Sublime song I ever heard, and right from the opening line, “We took this trip to Garden Grove, it smelt like Lou dog inside the van, OH YEEEAH,” I knew I was hooked. I didn’t know where Garden Grove was, nor do I now, but I knew I wanted the CD playing at all times.

9. “I saw red”
This song was perfect for the way you feel when you are experiencing your “first love.” You have to remember, at the time I was really listening to Sublime I was around the age of 14, so a lot of things-like music-have an impact on you. Plus, in this song, you get to hear that lead singer Bradley Nowell could really sing.

8. “Wrong Way”
Alright, yes, this song is “wrong” on so many levels, but when you are a young kid you don’t think about those things. The song was easy to sing along with, and in this song-as well as other Sublime songs-you have an excuse to feel like a “bad boy,” singing questionable, politically incorrect, lyrics.

7. “Jailhouse”
When you are a rebellious teenager, there are no better lyrics to yell than, “Can’t fight against the youth. Cause we’re strong, them are rude rude people.”

6. “April 29, 1992 (Miami)”
In this song ,the band goes around rioting in the streets of Miami. They pick up “new” furniture and a new PA system. “Where do you think I got this guitar that you’re hearing today, HEY?” It was another song that goes along with the rebellious nature of a teenager.

5. “40oz to freedom”
Every teenager goes through a little bit of a depression stage. While I was never a big drinker, this song was one of my favorites when I was in one of those “teenage funks.” “A 40oz to freedom is the only chance I have to feel good even though I feel bad.”

4. “5446/Ball and Chain
I think this song is very underrated. It had a funky beat and a great chorus. It had fun, but it also had serious things that made you smile, “I was always taught that boy meets girl, fall in love, get married and forget the world. Nine months later, sweet baby’s on the way, kiss him on the cheek and life’s OK.” Good song.

3. “Santeria”
I had no idea what “Santeria” was at the time, but I knew that this song was all over MTV and the radio. I liked the video because it also featured “Zeus,” a former wrestler and wrestling was my favorite sport at the time. Pretty much everyone has heard this song. It’s a classic.

2. “Caress me down”
Also, when you are around age 14, you start to go through something called “adolescence.” This song spoke about some fantasies that kids may be having at that age. Honestly though, it’s a great song, especially when he breaks into singing in Spanish. This prompted me to learn a little Spanish, not enough to pass the class in high school though.

1. “What I got”
I guess it’s pretty predictable that this song would be number one. After all, it was the band’s number one song overall. But, it’s more than that really. If you learned about singer Bradley Nowell, you would see that this song epitomized who he was, and who the band is. Yes, I was only 14, but I could already see that. Plus, he gives advice that is good for anybody at any age, “Lovin’, is what I got, I said remember that.”

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